Types of loose connective tissue

types-connective-tissueAreolar tissue


Structure: It takes the form of fine threads crossing each other in every direction leaving small spaces called areolae. It consists of ground substance, the matrix, white and yellow fibres and cells like fibroblasts, mast cells, macrophages (= histocytes or clasmatocytes), lymphocytes, plasma cells, mesenchyme cells, chromatophores. Fat cells can be seen in small groups.

Location: It is present under the skin as subcutaneous tissue in between and around muscles, nerves and blood vessels in submucosa of gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract, in the bone marrow, between the lobes and lobules of compound glands and in mesenteries and omenta.

Function: The primary function of areolar tissue is to bind parts together. Other functions are to provide strength, elasticity, support to the parts where this tissue is present. It also provides rapid diffusion of materials and migration of wandering cells towards areas of infection and repair.

Adipose tissue


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