AIIMS AIPMT PMT Special Neural Tissues


• Neural tissue exert the greatest control over the body’s responsiveness to changing conditions.
• It generally develops from the ectoderm but microgliocytes (glial cell type) arise from the mesoderm of the embryo.
• The special properties of the cells of the nervous tissue are, excitability and conductivity. –– Excitability is the ability to initiate nerve impulse in response to stimuli (changes outside and inside the body).
–– Conductivity means the ability to transmit a nerve impulse (potential change in membrane of a nerve cell). Neural tissue consists of nerve cells (neurons) and glial cells
I. Neurons
• Neurons are structural and functional units of nervous tissue.
• Each neuron consists of a cell body or cyton and cell processes, called neurites.
• Neurites are of two types, dendrons and axons.

neuronTypes of neurons

Based on Structure:
Non-polar neurons – Each neuron has several branched processes

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