Why Positive habits are useful for human health

Can you be healthy without doctors and medicines?

If you ask the people why we get sick, we will list the reasons are: genetics, environment, viruses, bad medicine. And almost never hear opinions: our way of life, our character, our attitude, our thoughts. But in vain!

It is well known saying, “in a healthy body – healthy mind.”

But many do not know that there is an inverse relationship. Have you ever wondered why some people always run to the doctors, but they continue to get sick, while others remain healthy without doctors and medicines? Why do some win “incurable” disease, while others die of ordinary flu?

Even the ancients knew that the mind and body are inextricably linked to each other. But in the 19th century there was a science “psychosomatic” (from the Greek. “Psycho” – the soul, “Catfish” – the body), and studied their interaction, interdependence.

All diseases of the …?

It turns out that ill health is a reflection of our spiritual problems of our emotional state.

Do you have a sore heart? It is likely that you often experience without a good reason, offended, yearn.

You can not lose weight, then you’re sitting on a diet . Most likely, you do not trust life, vulnerable to difficulties, want to dissociate itself from the problems of life. Women’s diseases persecute those who are not confident in their femininity, not accept, do not love themselves.

Today is not for no longer a secret that negative emotions (frustration, fear, aggression, resentment, anger, envy) destroy the body and poison the body. The phrase “all diseases of the nerves” is under a very good reason.

The hormones released during stress, suppress immunity , a person begins to tire quickly becomes irritable. If stress becomes chronic, the person becomes ill. Thus, according to the doctors, depression worsens heart disease as much as high blood pressure, cholesterol and smoking.

The message is clear: in order to have a healthy body, it is necessary to be healthy soul.

Positive change your life, be healthy!

Oriental medicine, research scientists, the practice of many doctors, the life of Mother Teresa, Dr. Nona, American author Louise Hay and others suggest that a change in his thoughts, the positive attitude and faith wins the disease.

Swiss scientists conducted an experiment: a group of volunteers to be vaccinated against influenza. But before this, all participants were divided into pessimists and optimists. A month later, it became clear that the pessimists are produced antibodies against the flu is much worse than the cheerful subjects. After all, cases of pessimists was 70%, and among the optimists, less than a third.

We are cultivating his diseases. In our everyday life, we forget that a reason Islam focuses on spiritual purity, denouncing not only the bad things, but the thought.

Thought is material, it is – the energy which transforms reality. What we think is what you get. Expression, “Even I do not want to hear”, “My heart will not stand”, “be my eyes on you did not watch” over time come to life. You’ve asked about it! The universe heard.

If you really want to be healthy, to answer the question: Are you ready to give up the cause of their illness? If “yes,” then there is a solution. Every day needs a positive attitude , belief in the best and thanks for all the blessings that you have received in life.

Become an optimist, to learn to think positively! Because:

  • Positive attitude – a prerequisite of physical health.
  • Good mood, optimism normalize hormones, and therefore enhances immunity, prevent illnesses.
  • Optimistic adds strength and energy, helps to avoid stress and depression.
  • Positive attitude to life makes us more attractive, younger.
  • Positive thoughts give an opportunity to make dreams come true. Faith helps to achieve this. Just think about the “placebo effect.”

Tune to the positive and be healthy and happy!


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