What is a lipoma?

lipomaLipoma, also has called wen itself lipoma is a benign tumor that develops from fat tissue. Lipoma often occurs in women aged 30 years.

This tumor is interesting in that it actually can be placed wherever there is a fat layer.

Types of lipomas

Lipomas may differ in their cellular structure, therefore they are divided into:



Currently, all the causes of lipomas, no one has yet figured out until the end.

Many experienced and renowned doctors have a number of assumptions about this, they believe that one of the most important factors in the emergence of lipomas are characterized by fat cells, which were originally placed in us at birth, which is located directly in the subcutaneous fat. Also consider the fact that the occurrence of lipomas may be associated with impaired metabolic metabolism that occurs in the fat layer. Also medical researchers do not exclude the possibility of lipomas, because of hormonal reactions that occur in the body. This period can be attributed, and menopausal stage in women, possible problems with the hypothalamus, which is responsible for the metabolism of the whole organism. Different diseases of internal organs can also actively stimulate the emergence of tumors.

Recognize lipoma help of a qualified physician at the examination. Recognize lipoma, easily enough, it is a kind of circle, moving under the skin formation. Often education is fairly soft consistency, with a strong development of its hardening occurs.

Treatment of disease

Treatment lipoma implies an exceptionally surgery. With relatively small size of the tumor, with the availability of the surgeon , surgery may be performed under local anesthesia in the outpatient department. For large and complex lipoma, a patient hospitalized in a short order, and conduct surgery in a hospital. Any special measures that can be done to prevent lipomas, no. Also quite rare and complications afterwards. Maybe a slight inflammation. In some cases, as in the rather rare, so wen can be reconstructed into a malignant tumor.


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