Veneers – an efficient and effective method of restoring teeth

The way is the best way to repair a tooth, depending on the degree of damage to the crown and root, the objectives pursued by the dentist as well as the capabilities of the patient. Thus, in some cases, may require filling, or other prosthesis implantation, in the third – set of tabs and veneers. On the latter, we now discuss.

So, veneers – are thin ceramic or porcelain plate, mounted on the front surface of the teeth. This technique allows you to get rid of enamel defects, mask chips or incorrect placement of the teeth.

Restoring a tooth veneer may be required for different reasons. For example, this method allows to mask teeth, blackened due to injury, having flyuoroznye spots, old fillings, etc. Veneers is smooth and even, so they do not form spots, they do not change the color of the effects of coffee and cigarettes, etc.

Of course, there are certain contraindications for the use of this technique. In particular, such is the loss of the tooth, the defeat of its root, gum disease, thinning enamel, etc. In any case, the decision on the possibility of installing these plates should take a qualified specialist. His search should be given special attention, because, despite its apparent simplicity, this technique requires the doctor of experience and qualifications.

One of the drawbacks of conventional veneers is their thickness, due to which the doctor has to grind the tooth enamel stachivaya significantly, including healthy. At the same time, today available to new patients, ultra-thin plates, which can be installed on a tooth without facings.

By the way described by the plate is used not only to restore the teeth, but also for decorative purposes. Thus, the installation of white plates quickly and without too much hassle to find a flat, dazzling smile.

Of course, there have described the methodology and its drawbacks. For example, if the plate is separated from the tooth, it must be quickly restored. And this is unexpected for the patient a waste of time and money. In addition, as we have noted, all of these benefits are relevant only if the installation plates to qualified personnel, able to choose the right color, shape and size of the veneer.


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