Using encryption for the treatment of alcohol dependence

alkoThe effectiveness of chemical effects on alcohol dependence sewn depends on the effectiveness of medications. Therapy in modern hospitals being necessary medication last generation that have proven effective in practice.

Acts like a drug over 6-36 months. During this time, the drinker is usually formed aversion at the thought of drinking.

For the encoding method is characterized by Dovzhenko more lasting effect. Sewn into the patient’s body “Torpedo” does not allow him to take alcohol for fear of parting with life. The only condition – the coding should be performed by highly qualified, experienced technician.

But the encoding can not be considered a complete method. The validity of such a ban on alcohol is determined, and if a person is missing a strong will, he can return to the adoption of alcohol, what happens to the deep regret, often.

During the encoding of the doctor-psychiatrist Alkoklinik has on the patient’s body powerful psychological impact, almost breaking it consciousness, forming a restraining barrier, which can lead to a state of depression.

Although this method of encryption available and relatively cheap, it can be considered only temporary, it is very effective to call it impossible. A comprehensive program that combines professional coding and rehabilitation therapy.

Most effectively has a different method of treatment – psychotherapy. This treatment may take at least six months, conducted during outpatient visits, individually or in class groups.

At this time, psychological help is required immediately and the patient and his family. At this stage the huge role played by the behavior of close friends – they must provide full support. The main task of the psychologist – to teach the correct behavior of the patient relatives, help him to forgive all wrongs do not trigger a relapse.

If the patient does not wish to be treated categorically, believes that the problem concerns only himself, that it is possible (worth only want) to stop drinking at any moment, often relatives or surreptitiously pour spiked medication in food or drink. But it faces a disability, and sometimes ends and deaths.

Dependence on alcohol can be defeated only when the physician, the patient and his family are working together in a single bundle.


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