Treatment of urethritis in men

uretritUrethritis in men is an infectious disease caused by inflammation of the urethra. Often, the appearance of the described disease caused by any viruses, bacteria, fungi and other infectious agents.
The incubation period depends on urethritis pathogens, and may last up to a month.


Depending on the infection that caused the emergence of urethritis, distinguish 2 groups of urethritis in men:

Specific urethritis pathogens which were chlamydia, gonococcus, mycoplasma, gardnerella and the like;

Nonspecific urethritis pathogens which were Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, various fungi and other infections.


The main cause of urethritis in men is the agent of sexually transmitted, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia.
The cause could be urethritis and various chemicals contained in soaps, colognes and various lotions.
To the disease and can cause minor injuries to the penis.

Symptoms and signs

The main symptoms of urethritis in a strong half of the Company include:

Burning sensation when urinating directly;
Pain when urinating;
Various blue-green or yellowish discharge from the urethra odor as pus or blood.

Urethritis danger is that it often occurs without showing any symptoms. Often happens when urethritis is the spread of infection afterwards to adjacent organs, which contributes to the emergence of prostatitis, cystitis and other diseases.

In this disease as urethritis in males treated normally occurs in two stages:

Eliminating the cause of the disease;
Restoring the walls of the urethra.

Very important in the treatment of urethritis in men is the correct diagnosis. In our modern time with urethritis in men in the treatment observed widespread use of the installation of the urethra, the procedure of which is the introduction of drugs directly into the urethra itself. This procedure helps to improve the efficiency and speed of treatment.


In order to prevent the development of urethritis men should:

If possible, avoid various hypothermia;
Personal hygiene;
After intercourse wash with soap;
Avoid sexual intercourse without protection;
Do not use large amounts of fried and spicy, salty and pickled foods, as well as alcohol;
Avoid various injuries his genitals;
Sidestep heavy exercise.


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