Growth of Microbes

Living organisms grow and reproduce. The growth indicates that an organism is in active metabolism. In plants and animals one see the increase in height or size. In a butterfly, a small larva hatching from egg grows in size, moults, pupates and become an adult butterfly through metamorphosis. Growth in a common use refers to … Read more

Microbial growth and nutrition

‘An army marches on its stomach’ said Napolean Bonapart.This indicates that food is important for any living organism and so also for microbes. Food is any substrate that can be metabolized to provide assimilable material or energy for the cell. Plants synthesize their own food requirements through photosynthesis. Animals ingest the presynthesized food from plants … Read more

Sterilization Process

Definition Sterilization is the freeing of an article from all living organisms, including bacteria and their spores. Sterilization of culture media, containers and instruments is essential in microbiological work for isolation and maintenance of microbes. In surgery and medicine, the sterilization of instruments, drugs and other supplies is important for the prevention of infection. Sterilization … Read more

Natural Resources

Our environment provides us with a variety of goods and services necessary for our day to day lives. These natural resources include, air, water, soil, minerals, along with the climate and solar energy, which form the non-living or ‘abiotic’ part of nature. The ‘biotic’ or living parts of nature consists of plants and animals, including … Read more

Living Cell

The cell is the basic structural and functional unit in all living organisms. Living forms vary in size but they are all made up of cells. In unicellular organisms, the cell is the organ. As an organism grow in complexity, the cells increase in number and similar cells aggregate into tissues and organs with specialized … Read more

Soil Pollution

 We can no more manufacture a soil with a tank of chemicals than we can invent a rain forest or produce a single bird. We may enhance the soil by helping its processes along, but we can never recreate what we destroy. The soil is a resource for which there is no substitute. (Environmental historian … Read more

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