What is silent area in human brain?


Until recently, the prefrontal areas of human brain were referred to as the “silent areas” or “uncommitted cortex”, because injury to these regions was not accompanied by sensorimotor signs, and the function of these areas was not clear.

[userpro_private]Prefrontal cortex or PFC, (especially the humans), has long been known to endow qualities that differentiate human beings from all other animals. PFC was for some years, known to perform executive function, but now it has been demonstrated that its functions include the ability to organize behavioural response to solve a complex problem (including strategies used in learning information and searching memory). Moreover, it has been found to be involved in other behaviours such as moral judgement, appreciation of jokes, evaluating rewards, awareness, temperament, meditation, etc. Thus, far from being “silent”, “uncommitted” or known just for “psychial functions”, the PFC is comprised of a set of control systems, each with the separate target, i.e., different prefrontal areas control different activities that are separately localised.[/userpro_private]


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