Sensitivity to weather – how to take care of your health?

meteozavMuch of the population suffers from major cities meteosensitivity – special susceptibility of the organism to changes in the weather. This means that when surprises climate suffers not only mood but also health.

According to statistics, across the globe at least a third of adults sometimes complain of discomfort arising from the abrupt change of weather. This may be an unexpected warming or cooling, heavy rain after a few days of sunshine or debilitating drought and heat, unusual inhabitants of the northern regions. Symptoms are usually similar though regardless of what kind of surprise presents us with nature.

Mild meteozavisimosti observed sleep disturbance – excitement and insomnia, or, conversely, drowsiness, and slight discomfort. When the average degree of manifestation is serious – it’s racing heart rhythm disturbance of blood pressure. In severe illness occurs tinnitus, pain in the heart, aching joints and muscles, shortness of breath. Dizziness until syncope.

These symptoms are most susceptible people having health problems and more stable weather conditions. We are talking about patients with vegetative dystonia, with diseases of the heart and vessels of hypertensive patients and those with disrupted CNS. Also prey to the vagaries of the weather may be people with asthma, elderly citizens who have reduced the overall tone, rheumatic patients. Finally, the more clearly felt the impact of climate on the body people who are weakened from illness, suffer from fatigue and exhaustion, teenagers in a difficult period of puberty.

To reduce unpleasant effects meteozavisimosti, should take care of their health in general. It is important to take steps aimed at strengthening the overall body, enhanced immunity , and also worth considering that the less nervous and upset over nothing, because grouch also negatively affects health. People sensitive to the weather, it is advisable to monitor the forecasts and advance to start taking prescription drugs not appoint unfavorable days of important events and not overwork during this period.

It is important to get enough sleep and eat right, eliminate alcohol and tobacco. The main cause of poor health – pressure differences and problems with blood vessels, so the cardiovascular system should be strengthened. For this fit mild exertion, douches, a special diet. The main thing is not to overdo it, because excessive activity exposure can lead to an exacerbation of the disease.

If it is possible, in the darkest days is better to take a day off, so as not to aggravate their malaise hard work, tiring road transport and other troubles.


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