Uses of Rosemary and Oregano

Rosemary and Oregano – these two herbs are common household spices that been used for many years for their flavor, texture, and basic health benefits. Both are commonly found in soups and as seasoning for steaks or potatoes, for example.



It is grown in Mediterranean countries, and is known to provide the following when consumed:

● Iron

● Calcium

● Vitamin B6

● Antioxidants

● Anti Inflammatory agents

● Improvements to the blood circulation system and immune system

● Enhanced digestion

● Improved brain lifespan and functioning, particularly with memory and focus

● Prolonged health for the eyes

● Defense against some forms of cancer

●  Hair Growth

And more. Rosemary is often hailed as a miracle cure in its own right.



It is quite similar, as the two herbs are from the same family. This herb provides:

● Vitamin K

● Vitamin E

● Iron

● Manganese

● Calcium

● Fiber

● Tryptophan

● Essential omega fatty acids

● Large concentrations of antioxidants

● Relief from acne

● Scalp moisturization to neutralize dandruff

● Relief from a wide range of problems and conditions, including muscle soreness, headaches, ear aches,gastrointestinal disorders, bronchitis, and more.

This is also only a partial list of the properties of oregano. Since they both grow naturally in the same area, researches have often observed the general health of people who live in the Mediterranean. In addition to these fantastic benefits, they can be used to fight against type-2 diabetes by affecting enzymes which are a large part of the problem. Ultimately, tests revealed that these two herbs diminished the levels of glucose in each subject’s body, though dried and extract versions of each tended to be more effective. This is a tradeoff for other health benefits, as dried herbs lose much of their other nutrients. While many of the benefits are confirmed, the effectiveness of rosemary and oregano in battling diabetes still necessitates further research.


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