Reviews of Bio Fireplace ALPHA / CZARNY

biokaminI recently purchased an elegant wall Bio Fireplace, who became a great decorative addition to my cozy home.

Your choice I settled on the production of the Polish company KRATKI, model “ALPHA / CZARNY” . Eco-hearth just fascinated me elegance of its execution and high performance. I am also pleased with the price of the device of this type, no overpayment, all available at the same time much cheaper than other manufacturers.

For me, it was always important to ensure comfortable living conditions, so the eco-focus for me as no other option.

He works on bioethanol, which is characterized by the purity and beauty of the living flame fire. Liquid fuels such sample is based on grape alcohol. Firing up the fireplace, I use a long lighter, which ensures the safe operation of the hearth. First, the room feels vague smell of alcohol, which evaporates quickly, and I can admire the spectacular burning.

At the core lies Bio Fireplace metal tank, equipped with a special burner. Fuel is poured into the container, while a small portion is enough for smooth operation of up to five hours. This is very convenient, you can not worry about that burn through the wood, do not need to monitor the timely burning of the fuel – just enjoy!

Bio Fireplace Installation is not too much of a challenge. Generally, there are two options for installation: Flush wall heated space or wall mounting. I chose the second method, a procedure which took a little bit more than twenty minutes. For this, we used two screws, which seat is securely attached and fixed to the flat surface of the wall of the room. Light weight (17 kg) design ensures a reliable location and its dimensions (800 x 590 x 174 mm) can decorate the smallest room in the house.

Of course, the main function of «ALPHA / CZARNY» is the decoration of the living space, but over time I realized that focus can be used as a reliable means of additional heating.

Separately want to say “thank you” to employees online store. Bio Fireplace brought the next day, all set, explained. Now my house is much more comfortable, and all thanks to the eco-hearth. With joy comes in the house where the lights are always a real fire.


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