Requirements in Plant Tissue Culture

1) Lot of good quality water (distilled & double distilled water) which does not contain salts or any contaminants.
2) Waste water should be properly processed before it is discarded to the environment.
3) Laminar air flow is required to perform aseptic operations.
4) Facilities like A/C, light source, Humidity regulator should be available for optimal growth of plant tissues /plants
5) Shelves or racks of suitable sizes have to be installed to store the tissue cultures, and fans should be installed near the racks to remove heat produced during the metabolic activities of growing cells.
6) Humidity in the air should be maintained at 30% to ensure that the culture tubes neither do not have excess humidity which may cause contamination problems nor low humidity which may dry up the culture medium.
7) Sterilization facility for the equipments, glassware, media, explants, work space etc. should be available.
8) Glassware of all sizes is required for storage, sterilization, culture of the explants.
9) Media formulations / chemicals required for the culture of all kinds of plants/plant materials should be readily available.


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