Reasons for otoplasty

otoplastikaThe body of any person is not ideal. Proven that the right side is different from the left. For example, the right leg is always a little longer than the left one breast larger than the other, and the ears are different. With regard to the ears, the problem with them is more than a little different from each other.

The ear – a body that serves for making sound vibrations. It consists of three divisions – the outer, middle and inner. The most common problems encountered with the external part, which is like a funnel – the ear. This is the only part of the ear, which is not in contact with the head. Form it is always different, no people on the planet with the same ear.

Problems of this department are varied, they can be congenital or acquired. To include congenital droopy ears, big lobes, strongly marked difference in size and so on. Acquire problem can result in injury or unsuccessful surgery. Fortunately, many patients, these problems can be corrected surgically. Medical procedure for the correction of the ear is called otoplasty .

For many will show that this is not so important procedure. But not for those who have obvious problems. On the ground, a lot of people are born with droopy ears, this is the most common problem. Basically it is a genetic trait that is corrected by doctors. Many people who could not get the opportunity for surgery, suffering a lifetime. Major problems due droopy ears or other visible defects begin ear aged six years. At this age, the child goes to school, his development is making great strides, but unfortunately, this evil age. Children begin to notice that among the common crowd there is one that is not like all of visible defects. Begin name calling, ridicule, injections and so on. Despite the fact that all of this occurs in childhood, and the precipitate and psychological trauma remain for life.

Now, thanks to the medicine, you can avoid this, only to find a good specialist. Having been on the operating table a maximum of three hours, you can be sure that people will not be an outcast. Many grateful for the correction of the ear after the injuries that led to serious consequences. It would seem that what can happen because of what there is injury of the ear, the reasons are many. For example, animal bites, poor results after a puncture, puncture break even avulsion of the auricle. The main thing is all restored and corrected.


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