Portable Microscopes: What makes them immensely useful?

PortableMicroscopes.InToday’s fast modernizing and developing world demands newer discoveries and invention in the field of science. The one tool that plays a vital role in all these studies and researches is a portable microscope. With the advancement in technology, arrays of portable models have been designed to make the researching process easier. These microscopes come with a host of advanced features.

Characteristics of portable microscopes

The portable microscopes have the following characteristics:

  • Modification range of 22
  • Binocular head objectives
  • Pupillary distance range of 50-75 mm
  • Coarse modification choice approximately 20 mm
  • Perpetuity plan objective of 4x, 10x, 20x and 100x.

Microscope – an important tool for students

Most of the microscopes are available with accessories including yellow filters, immersion oil, operation manual, dust cover, spare bulb, 2 amp fuses etc. These are also presented with iris diaphragm, halogen light, and stage stocking lever, dual slide holder and transportable condenser. Some of the modern portable microscopes come with facilities of taking snapshots

portable microscopes

Microscopic analysis for biological research is obtainable in different width, length, varying sizes, along with different height and weight measurements. Microscopes are one such equipment that is required in basic high school labs right up to scientific research labs. Thus, the biological microscopes play a vital role in awakening student’s interests towards accepting the field of science as their profession. For students it is initially a normal tool but as soon as they get used to handling them they find it as a great object for studying precise details of the cells or specimens.

Ideal for showcasing details

Portable microscopes are mostly used by professionals as they are equipped with high quality electronic and technical functions and accessories. A portable microscope helps in analyzing and monitoring life processes. It is capable of showcasing detailed structures of a leaf along with the requirements of the leaf for a living. Such microscopes give a detailed definition of these tiny leaves. Anyone can observe the leaf through a microscope and get a comprehensive view of the cytoplasm, cell nucleus, cell membrane, chloroplast, vacuole and the cell wall of the leaf.

Portable Microscopes

Where lies the importance of a microscope?

Does anyone know what is the best part about a microscope? It enables scientists and researchers to study the structures of deadly viruses that are capable of affecting the human race. Scientists use portable microscopes as mediums for observing the nature and behavior of viruses. It is only with the help of these microscopes that they are capable of detecting deadly strains of viruses or substances that are invisible to the human eyes!

Without the advent of biological microscopes, humans couldn’t have studied objects at a cellular level. Portable microscopes are ideal in detecting everything from viruses to minutest objects that are otherwise invisible to the naked eyes; the ‘portability’ of the microscopes adds to their efficiencies furthermore. Moreover, the digital microscopes are capable of taking snapshots or videos of the samples. Biological microscopes come with superior features and give the human race a chance to discover those which were impossible to trace, even a thousand years ago.


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