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Please help me out with this! Here’s the paragraph: Recycling is important for our planet, Earth. The concept of recycling is simple, reuse resources for another job, kind of like rebirth in a new form. By recycling, we are reusing resources that aren’t replaceable and are replaceable.. We call these resources non-renewable resources and renewable resources. An example of non-renewable resource would be plastic. Plastic is made from oil; a resource that takes millions of years to regenerate. By recycling a plastic bottle, you are putting all the oil used in the bottle back into the “system” in order for it to be made into something else. If we don’t recycle, all these non-renewable resources end up in underground “waste reserves.” There, the resources are forgotten and degrade over millions of years into the soil. However, we also recycle renewable resources such as paper. As you may already know, paper comes from trees. By recycling paper, we can conserve our use of trees; and thus limiting deforestation. As you can see, recycling is important for saving nonrenewable resources, but at the same time, important for saving and reusing those that we can replace. Link:
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