Stamens or Androecium

• Stamens are the male reproductive parts of a flower. A stamen is made up of two parts, a stalk like filament and a knob like terminal anther. Each anther has two lobes which are attached at the back by a sterile band called connective.
• In majority of angiosperms, anthers are two lobed or dithecous. Each anther lobe consists of two pollen sacs (or microsporangia). Thus a typical dithecous anther is always tetralocular (or tetrasporangiate).
• In members of family Malvaceae, anthers are monothecous. Pollen grains (or microspores) are produced in the microsporangium.
• Sterile and undeveloped stamens are called staminodes.
• Stamens shorter than the flower are termed as inserted. When stamens protrude out of the flower, they are known
as exserted. They may be borne

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2 years ago

Great explaination!