Differences between a typical animal cell and a typical plant cell

Differences between Animal & Plant Cells

Animal Cells

Plant Cells

Usually smaller in size Usually larger in size
Cell wall absent. Cellulose in any form is absent Cell wall made up of cellulose is present
Cytoplasm is denser, more granular and occupies most of the space in the cell Cytoplasm is pushed to the periphery and forms a thin lining against the cell wall
Vacuoles absent. If present, they are small, temporary and concerned with excretion or secretion Vacuoles are large and prominent. May be one or more. The central space in the cell may be occupied by a large, single vacuole
Plastids are absent Plastids are usually present
Centrosome is present Centrosome is absent. Instead two small clear areas called polar caps are present
Prominent and highly complex Golgi bodies present near nucleus Contain several sub units of Golgi apparatus called dictyosomes
Chloroplast is absent Chloroplast is present

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