Dahlia – King of flowers

One of the most elegant and at the same time spectacular colors can be called Dahlia. Since ancient times, this plant has attracted the attention of mankind, and for a time was considered really the king, it was in the garden of the kings and nobles, as legend has it, grew these flowers.

Incidentally, the name of the flower is also a legend of a tale of these plants in the royal garden.

According to legend, a young man worked as a gardener named George, for the love of a beautiful girl violated the prohibition king and gave the beloved dahlias. The young man was thrown into prison and died, but settled down in the flower gardens of ordinary people and so spread throughout the world. Today, when buying flowers delivery as simple as this legend is surrounded with an aura of romanticism, but in the past could well be true.

The correct name of the plant – Dahlia, and his home are the mountain regions of Peru, Chile and Mexico. Distribution in Europe this plant has received in the 18th century and, indeed, was originally planted in the garden of the king of Spain, but gradually spread out everywhere.

Dahlias ascribed some magical properties. For example, it is believed that Dahlia can strengthen the friendship, if you see this flower in a dream, you can count on good fortune, but loved these plants prefer not to give (perhaps this is due to an unhappy legend), often send flowers dahlias do in that case, if they want to congratulate any celebration. It is also believed that the present dahlia heads – a good sign, promising promotion. By the way, the home of dahlias Aborigines ate – they were considered edible tubers, but in Europe it did not gain.

These plants are beautifully blended with other colors – this statement is true for floral compositions, and for gardening. Bright large buds of these plants have a rich palette of colors – from bright white snow tone to dark burgundy shade, in addition, are varieties of dahlias with multicolored petals.

In today’s world, you can buy flowers delivery is not only simple, but also to choose any favorite plants and dahlias are quite popular today, although it was during the recession they are needed. Thus, these plants in Russia experienced a peak of popularity in the 30th years of the last century and then was almost forgotten until the 60’s. After repeatedly dahlias in recession and the rise in popularity.

If you are taking out the order for flowers , dahlias have to wire inside the hollow stem, do not worry – so often do florists in the case when the plant is very large bud. The weight of such a large inflorescence stalk may begin to bend and can even break down, so it strengthens.

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