Birch sap – one of the best medicines

Now, many gardeners are looking forward to the turn of the summer season, which this year is a little late because of the weather.

Planting of many plants in the country is delayed by 2-3 weeks. Indeed, what can be done until the fruit and vegetable garden covered with a thick layer of snow.

But not only is concerned about our citizens. People just missed the fresh air of our vast forests and fields for pure spring water, free of chlorine. Wants to break away from the boring city life, from this hectic life. You just want to take a walk in the woods, collect fragrant birch sap.

By the way in the old days, our ancestors believed juice are the best way for my health. And so it is. Modern medicine has proved that its composition birch sap is an indispensable medicine for a variety of diseases. They can treat gastric and duodenal ulcers with low acidity, liver and gall bladder, rheumatism, sciatica, bronchitis, tuberculosis, arthritis, scurvy, headache, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Birch sap is simply indispensable to overcome the common cold spring period associated with beriberi and general weakness of the body. Recent medical research has shown that birch sap prevents the formation of tumors and cancer cells. Observations have shown that people who regularly consume juice are getting rid of stones in the bladder and kidneys. They cleaned the blood, metabolism. Thus, it can be concluded that birch sap – one of the best medications given to us by nature.

Therefore, in our time, the tradition of treating birch sap is becoming more and more popular. Especially among truckers who to leave her garden and orchard in a hurry in the forest, in a birch grove birch collect this precious nectar. Unfortunately, the general barbaric treatment of our citizens to influence the nature and collecting juice. You can often watch for a few liters of people maimed and even destroy whole trees.

And it can all be done very carefully, without causing any harm to the tree. Is it difficult to drill a small hole size of 5 mm in diameter and the same depth. This would be enough to collect the juice. There remains only to insert the tube, the other end of which is sent to the bank or the bottle. After earning a liter of juice from one tree to seal the hole with some putty or a round bead. That’s all. You can quietly enjoy collected birch sap, adjusting their health.


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