Plant Tissue Culture Media

Different plant parts require different nutrients for their healthy development. So it is important to formulate a medium for plant cell growth which can support the requirements of different organelles of a cell as well as diverse cell types corresponding to each tissue type. Coconut water was used by Van Overbeek in 1941 allowed the … Read more Plant Tissue Culture Media

Requirements in Plant Tissue Culture

1) Lot of good quality water (distilled & double distilled water) which does not contain salts or any contaminants. 2) Waste water should be properly processed before it is discarded to the environment. 3) Laminar air flow is required to perform aseptic operations. 4) Facilities like A/C, light source, Humidity regulator should be available for … Read more Requirements in Plant Tissue Culture

Electron Transport in Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis of prokaryotic cyanobacteria as well as that of eukaryotic algae and higher plants produces oxygen and the basic process is similar in them all. A form of the Hill and Bendall ‘Z’ scheme of the sequence of processes and electron transport leading from water-splitting through NADP+ reduction is explained below. Photon capture by the … Read more Electron Transport in Photosynthesis

Internal structure of Chloroplast

Electron microscopy shows the chloroplast to consist of an envelope enclosing a complex of membranes, the thylakoid system often joined or stacked into grana; the lipid membranes, contrast with the background when stained with lipophilic electron dense osmium. The space between the envelope and thylakoid membranes is the chloroplast stroma. The envelope is composed of … Read more Internal structure of Chloroplast

Plant Cells

The entire genomic DNA cannot express at a time. In this process only particular type of gene is expressed at a time, specifically leading to the production of a particular gene product which is in turn specific for a plant organ or tissue. These specific genes are responsible for the special characteristics like smell, taste, … Read more Plant Cells


The Concept of two photosystems originated in the work of Emerson & Lewis in 1943. Working on the action spectrum  for the pigments of Chlorella (a green alga), they found that at 440-520 nm, there was very little evolution of oxygen. This is quite understandable because those wavelengths of light are absorbed by carotenoids and … Read more Photosystems

Herbicide Resistance in Plants

A weed in a general sense a plant that is considered as unwanted plants in farm fields, gardens, parks etc., and generally the term is often used to describe the plants that grow & reproduce aggressively. They are one of the major problems in crop management as they compete with crops for water and nutrients … Read more Herbicide Resistance in Plants

Light trap in photosynthesis

Of the  several photosynthetic pigments, only chlorophyll-a can convert light into chemical energy. However this does not mean that light absorbed by the other pigments is waste. On the other hand, the light absorbed by the other pigments is transferred to chlorophyll-a . This transfer may be direct or as it happens more usually, some … Read more Light trap in photosynthesis

Mechanism of Photosynthesis

Mechanism of Photosynthesis Plant Physiology Plant physiology deals with the studies of life processes that are similar in many organisms. Thousands of chemical reactions are underway in every living cell transferring water, mineral salts and gases from the environment into organized plant tissue. Plants are also endowed with the property of photosynthesizing, a unique feature … Read more Mechanism of Photosynthesis

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