The Desperate Efforts of Neo-Darwinism

Darwin’s theory entered into a deep crisis because of the laws of genetics discovered in the first quarter of the 20th century. Nevertheless, a group of scientists who were determined to remain loyal to Darwin endeavoured to come up with solutions. They came together in a meeting organised by the Geological Society of America in … Read more

Darwin’s Racism

One of the most important yet least-known aspects of Darwin is his racism: Darwin regarded white Europeans as more “advanced” than other human races. While Darwin presumed that man evolved from ape-like creatures, he surmised that some races developed more than others and that the latter still bore simian features. In his book, The Descent … Read more

Darwin’s Source of Inspiration

Malthus’ Theory of Ruthlessness Darwin’s source of inspiration on this subject was the British economist Thomas Malthus’s book An Essay on the Principle of Population. Left to their own devices, Malthus calculated that the human population increased rapidly. In his view, the main influences that kept populations under control were disasters such as war, famine … Read more

NEET Ecosystem Practise Questions 2017

1. Pyramid of numbers deals with number of (a) species in an area (b) individuals in a community (c) individuals in a trophic level (d) subspecies in a community. 2. If we completely remove the decomposers from an ecosystem, its functioning will be adversely affected, because (a) mineral movement will be blocked (b) the rate … Read more

NEET Ecology & Organisms Practise Questions

1. Animals have the innate ability to escape from predation. Examples for the same are given below. Select the incorrect example. (a) Colour change in Chamaeleon (b) Enlargement of body size by swallowing air in puffer fish (c) Poison fangs in snakes (d) Melanism in moths 2. The niche of a population is the (a) … Read more

NEET Kerala PMT 2015 Solved Part – II

68. In the circulatory system of Pheretima, a, b, c and d represents a) A-Lateral hearts, B-Sub neural vessel, C-Commissural vessel, D-Lateral oesophageal vessel (b) A-Lateral hearts, B-Lateral oesophageal vessel, C-Sub neural vessel, D-Commissural vessel (c) A-Lateral hearts, B-Commissural vessel, C-Sub neural vessel, D-Lateral oesophageal vessel (d) A-Commissural vessels, B-Lateral hearts, C-Lateral oesophageal vessel, D-Sub … Read more

NEET Kerala PMT 2015 Solved Part – I

1. Choose the correct statement. (a) Members of Phycomycetes are facultative parasites on plants. (b) Fusion of protoplasm between two motile or nonmotile gametes is called plasmogamy. (c) Kingdom Plantae includes all eukaryotic chlorophyll containing organisms and non-chlorophyll organisms called plants. (d) Trichoderma belongs to Basidiomycetes. (e) Euglenoids include diatoms. 2. Which of the following … Read more

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