New environmental buttons

usb-eco-buttonModern developers create small devices that help save energy and thus improve the environment. Such devices besides saving can also be comfortable and provide comfort.

Of the latter, the invention may be noted the new “eco-button” which when pressed allows you to convert a notebook in the most power-saving mode. You can add that such a regime has received the name of eco-mode.

This new computing device will help save energy on the laptop is the case if the user moved away for a phone call or just made a break for tea.

You can add a new button that has the ability to estimate the amount of stored resources, and allows for the calculation of energy saved and the money that you would have to pay for the electricity savings. As the developers, the device can be connected to a laptop using a standard port USB.

Perhaps in the near future, the developers of operating systems for PCs and laptops will create a special software that can perform such operations without the need to connect the special gadgets. But while such a well-known developer of software and operating systems like Microsoft is actively investing in new projects environmentally friendly power plants.

According to available information, a distance of 60 miles from Chicago may soon be a new wind farm, which was called Pilot Hill. The power of this plant, which is scheduled to enter service next year, can reach 175 watts.

It is important to note that the new environmentally friendly power plant will have wind turbines, released by General Electric. The capacity of each turbine reaches 1.7 MW.

Before creating this power company EDF Renewable Energy and software giant Microsoft Corp. have signed an agreement under which Microsoft after the commissioning of the new power plant will purchase all electricity generated for 20 years.

Green energy will be used to maintain the software giant works of cloud services. In this long-term contract to provide electricity to make electricity data centers more reliable.


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