The Miniature World of Microscopes

World of Microscopes

Can you ever imagine a life sans science? The world collapses where science ends. Science, with its peculiar inventions, have now become the integral part of our lives. The chariot of our lives is on the shoulders of science. Microscope is a gift of science. Be it nuclear science or be it medical science, none is untouched with the perks of this resourceful device. It brings the world of microscopic creatures to our naked eyes and lets us study their pattern and behavior. 

portable microscopes

How wonderful would it be to get rid of cancer in a matter of seconds? Rejoice, people! That day is not far. Scientists assert that the wildest of diseases can be cured if nanotechnology is brought to work in real time applications. The size of the automobiles would be reduced to a scale able level and thus will truncate the road chaos. To top it, it is also believed to curb the procedure of chemotherapy that a cancer patient had to undergo. These are some of the perks of nanotechnology which saw the light of the day with the help of microscope. To say the least, this device know no bounds.  Another application of microscope lies in the homicide department, wherein murder mysteries are solved by carefully studying the trifles of the murder scene. It helps them know the perfect time and date of the murder, cause, fingerprints and other such minute details. While this device helps the detectives to find whether the death is natural, accidental or suicide, it is the heart and soul of the medical department where every tests are performed under microscopes. News has it that the scientists are successful in capturing a real helix DNA shape under an electron microscope. The later developments deals in finding the behavior of proteins and RNA in the presence of bio-molecules.

Portable Microscopes

 Who would have come up with the idea of this device? You may ask. To set the records straight, the crusader of this device remains behind the curtains while this device lead to the transformation of the world. Optical microscope is the first of its kind microscope that works on the light to detect the shape and size of the organism. Electron microscope became the next one to join the horde. Electron microscope gets a ride over all other types of microscope as it provides higher magnification. This type of microscope uses electrons to frame the image of the target object. RADAR, Space technology, nuclear technology etc. are the some of the areas where the microscope is used.

Nuclear science is the study of atoms. The study of the tiny particles like neutrons, protons and electrons is now feasible. Although it can hazardous to health, this technology if brought into practice is capable of curtailing energy crisis. Thus directly or indirectly, this device is the life line of the modern science. This invention is the giant leap in the history of modern science and is the building block of future first studied under a microscope and then developments were made in the direction of satellite communication.  


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