Men’s health, increase testosterone

Men’s health in many means only Andrology or urological problems. But it is not so. Increasingly, there are cases when men aged 30 notice at constant fatigue, decreased ability to work, sexual activity, etc. All this greatly affects the main male hormone testosteron– testosterone.

This hormone activates the metabolism, regulates spermatogenesis, stimulates a desire for the opposite sex, muscle development.

Today in the world there are many drugs that raise testosterone or give good erection for the whole sexual act.

For example, you can buy Levitra . It has long been used in the event of andrologists the male erection problems. However, it does not increase testosterone levels.

Besides testosterone plays an important role lifestyles.

A man may spend a lot of time sitting down, do not go to the gym, do not stick to the diet regime. In this case, after 40 may have problems with libido or stagnation in the pelvic area, which will give problems during intimacy. If a man comes to a doctor, usually a urologist or andrologist prescribes medication generic levitra to return the man a taste for sexual intimacy. But if nothing else changes, then one can hardly expect a full recovery. In order to improve the potency is not for a specific period of time, you should review the diet, give more exercise, move more, give up alcohol, cigarettes. All this can speed up the metabolism, establish circulation. This will increase testosterone levels, and as a consequence, increased attraction to the opposite sex, stamina during labor, improving mood.

In addition, a man must always keep track of your sleep. If he feels that he is constantly nedosypaet, then try to sleep at least 7 – 8 hours to all metabolic processes in the body to recover. In practice, you will notice that those men who sleep little more irritable and quick-tempered, the efficiency of the labor of the day is gradually decreasing from – the constant feeling that I was not getting enough sleep. About their health care should be taken from the youth, and not leave everything to the old age. Implementation of the above rules for a long life will preserve the taste for life itself.


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