Medical laser equipment

lazernoye-oborudovaniyeThe company DEKA, which is the exclusive distributor of the Italian laser medical equipment, widely used in gynecology, surgery, dermatology, dentistry, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, for the past 35 years conducting various clinical studies, constantly improving the production technology of laser systems.

Efficiency, functionality, interactivity, ease of use, ergonomics and exclusive design – these are the main features of modern laser devices.

With each passing day the laser equipment is gaining popularity in the market of clinical and aesthetic medicine. Plastic surgeons who strive with minimal trauma to move towards perfection of face and body of their patients, should buy a surgical laser DEKA, operate in different modes, and, depending on your needs, reduce or increase the temperature impact on the fabric. However, this delicate instrument can advantageously be used in gynecology for solving problems of intimate feminine sphere in different branches of surgery and dental practice, when subjected to soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.

Patients undergoing short-laser surgery, do not need a lot of painkillers, because after this procedure, there is almost no inflammation and significantly reduced bleeding operations that are carried out using a surgical laser, have a pronounced haemostatic effect, are highly efficient and fast optimization of flow reduction processes.

Through the use of innovative laser technology has become possible to control the radiation energy density, depth and accuracy of the cut, the percentage of coagulation and ablation of soft tissue. In the range of laser devices company DEKA include both universal models with an expanded set of tools and functions, as well as a series of specialized devices that use holmium, erbium and Alexandrite lasers.


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