Medical Entrance Practice

Preparing for Medical Entrance Exams?

As soon as the 10+2 or Intermediate exams are finished, students from all over India start seriously preparing for Medical Entrance Exams, for admission into a Medical college. Aspirants have to keep in mind that, not just preparing well for the competitive exams is enough establish a bright career. Though a student follows one or two textbooks or reference guides, the study material may not be enough to cover all the topics which may appear as questions in the entrance exam.

There is no shortcut in a competitive exam preparation. One need to prepare effectively and consistently from the beginning. Preparations differ for various kinds of entrance examinations. The final year exams require long-term preparation, while your competitive tests may require preparation a thorough preparation of the entire syllabus or the topics mentioned for the exam.

If you looking for ways on how to prepare for an exam in a short time, then you should follow the online quizzes provided by HourlyBook, which has over 10,000 questions in Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences at present.

If you follow practicing all the 10,000 questions spread over 103 topics in the subjects mentioned above, you have several chances to gain a good rank in competitive exams like EAMCET, JIPMER, AIIMS, AFMC, AIPMT, AIPGDET, AIPGMET, AIPVT, TNPCEE, COMEDK, MCAT, GAMSAT, PMT etc.

Apart from exam preparation, one should also have to take care of the below factors which can help them have a healthy mindset, as well as get a good score in the test:

1. Create an effective daily timetable for study and personal activities

2. Sit in a good posture while preparation

3. Choose an appropriate environment where you can have peace of mind

4. Take down small notes while practicing online quiz

5. Take good rest and Eat well

6. Stay away from bad habits like smoking, drinking etc.,

Make sure to have a good sleep for six to eight hours in the night before the day of the exam.One should keep in mind that good rest one the day before test can have a fantastic impact on your examination. And see to that one should have healthy food like fruits and fruit juices, so it can help you keep active throughout the test.

Don’t study harder, Study smarter. Practice online quizzes in the following subjects on HourlyBook and get better grades in less time and with less Effort

1) Zoology Quiz

2) Chemistry Quiz

3) Physics Quiz

4) Botany Quiz


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