Language impairment in children under 5 years

Speech disorder in children is varied. It usually manifests itself in the following: impaired pronunciation, grammatical structure of speech, poverty of vocabulary, as well as impaired speech rate or smoothness.

Children who have in any way violated it, have, as a rule, normal hearing and intelligence.

Speech disorder in children has the following types:

  • Tongues was the improper pronunciation of sounds. Up to a certain age to access specialist is not worth it.
  • Rinolaliya, violation of pronunciation and the voice, caused by a defect of the vocal apparatus. The child nasally, saying “the nose.” This can be caused by cleft palate, trauma in the nose or mouth or in paralysis of the soft palate. All sounds are distorted.
  • Dizatriya – a speech disorder in children as a result of nerve damage. A child can be difficult to control your tongue became unruly, broken voice, pronunciation, intonation, etc. Child in such cases should be treated comprehensively. Individual sessions with a speech therapist at home and seeing a neurologist can lead the child from this state.
  • Alalia – complete, sometimes partial lack of speech that occurs in lesions of the left hemisphere of the brain.
  • Stuttering or logoneurosis – repetition of consonants, vowels stretch, stopping speech, repetition of the syllable.
  • Speech delay in a child, when the child begins to speak later than their peers. The causes of the disease are poor mental or physical condition of the child, the slow rate of growth of nerve endings responsible for it. In this case, an individual engaged in institutions, or use convenient service – speech therapist at home for a child .

The causes of speech disorders

There are two reasons why the speech disorder occurs in children: is organic, which cause damage to the parts of the brain, and as a consequence – the peripheral speech apparatus, as well as functional, affecting the normal functioning of the vocal apparatus.

Help speech therapy at home

The degree of their severity speech disorder in children is divided into those with which the child can learn in the public school, and those that require special training. Language impairment in children under 5 years old today with special speech therapy groups treated in many municipal kindergartens, where children always involved a speech therapist. In addition to speech correction with children specialist speech therapist develops memory, attention, thinking, trains and general fine motor skills, while teaching reading and writing, reading and math.


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