Juices in the diet – simple and affordable

Juices – tsokihe main sources of vitamins that are necessary for the body to a fulfilling life. And it’s not about those fruit drinks that are sold in the store. If you really want to benefit from the juices, then they should be freshly squeezed.

There is even a technique power, in which people consume only juices. They feel great, do not know the problems with being overweight, have a beautiful appearance, as the body gets in abundance all the vitamins and minerals. This basic components necessary for the operation of all organs and systems, as well as for feeding the hair, skin, nails, etc.

However, it is not necessary to use only the fruit, it is necessary to consume and vegetable juices, and even better to combine them. But in order to skillfully use the fruits, presented by nature, it is necessary to know what benefit they bring.



Good restores power, so it is recommended for those who are constantly exposed to physical stress. In addition, apple juice toxins, poisons, heavy metals, radionuclides frees the body from cholesterol and prevents the development of cancer, so it is worth to use as often as possible.


Everyone knows that this citrus contains vitamin C. In using it, you forget about the cold, so that unsettle. Orange juice must be in the diet during the cold season, although in summer it too by the way, since the need to strengthen the immune system throughout the year.


Rich in glucose, so necessary for those who spend a lot of energy. Also grape juice promotes the good work of the brain and boosts mood.


Improves kidney, gastrointestinal tract. Rich in vitamin C and perfectly reduces the temperature, is therefore an indispensable product for colds.

Despite such high favor of fruit juices, eat them better with vegetables. They can be pre-harvest, and when the time comes, it is sufficient to mix the two drinks and healthy cocktail is ready. It is better to use the juice coolers – a device that allows for some time to store refrigerated juices. The unit has two tanks, so you can prepare fruit and vegetable juices. One click and they are mixed in predetermined proportions. Thus, you will always have a ready fresh and wholesome juice.



Increases appetite, promotes proper operation of the digestive system, beneficial effects on teeth, skin, eyes, etc.


A valuable product for the correct process of hematopoiesis. From his use of a hemoglobin level returns to normal, the liver begins to function fully. Beet struggling with hypertension, insomnia. But it must be diluted with other juices, carrot better.


From it comes a refreshing drink that replenishes the body with vitamin C. It promotes the best work of the heart, intestines. Combined with pumpkin, apples, carrots.


Rich in vitamin C, B, PP. Helps in obesity – displays cholesterol, normalizes the kidney, cardiovascular system, and many others

This list can be replenished indefinitely, because there are still peaches, grapefruit, lemons, cauliflower, celery, etc. But remember, all the juices are good in moderation, and the correct proportions. Mix and match, alternate products, then your body will suck all the nutrients.

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