How to see pregnancy calendar

Pregnancy calendar is special because it shows the whole process of fetal development. With its help the expectant mother can easily find maternity pregnancy, and she will know what changes occur at this time in her body.

It should be noted immediately that the pregnancy calendar consists of three main sections. Each describes a specific trimester of pregnancy, which in turn is divided by weeks.

How to keep your calendar?

To have had the opportunity to properly use a calendar, it is important to correctly calculate the day of conception. This is done on the last day of menstruation, and should take into account the duration of the cycle, because it is all women are different and can last up to 36 days.

Once the date is calculated, you need to decide how you are going to take a calendar – in electronic form or in conventional notebooks. However, many future moms choose the first option, because it is much more comfortable, functional and with lots of useful tips.

Conduct pregnancy calendar is very simple, you will be especially easy if you were a kid your blog, since the principle is the same. After all, you need to do it every day and write in detail to describe his state of health, change in weight, volume, etc. Necessarily need to write, how to change your taste preferences, whether nausea, as the fruit is growing rapidly.

In addition pregnancy calendar must contain the mark you transferred all colds and illnesses, especially if you will be a windmill , because the disease can seriously affect the development of the fetus. And it is important to monitor the flow and the extent of its complexity. Naturally, when it occurs, you must be under medical supervision.

It will also need to indicate what you eat and what portions. Acceptance of various supplements and vitamins will also be reflected in its virtual diary.

If you want to make the original pregnancy calendar, you can, in addition to record and upload pictures of your growing belly. Usually moms spread pictures by month. We should also complements them with images of the fetus, obtained during an ultrasound.

As can be seen, maintain pregnancy calendar is a snap, and most importantly – very useful and interesting. Therefore, if you are in a position, be sure to think about in order to reflect in it the whole process of gestation.


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