How to keep your spine healthy? Simple tips very busy people

Few come across with back pain or neck. Back problems, doctors have noted in adolescents and scoliosis in children at an early age.

You do not have back pain, but often have a headache, numb hands, “presses” the heart, worried intercostal neuralgia? This is often to blame for the spine: a violation of its work affects other organs.

And joyless fact: diseases of the spine is very difficult to treat even by modern medicine. But we can do to help your spine!

What to do?

1. Pay attention to your life

Nutrition . Plant foods should be every day at your desk. It contains organic calcium, which is fully absorbed by the body (calcium supplementation helps to a lesser extent). This beans, peas, buckwheat, rice, onions, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, nuts. In addition, fish, milk and milk products.

• Body weight. Remember that every extra kilogram increases the load on the spine.

• Coping with the “sedentary” lifestyle. Walking, running, swimming, water aerobics, fitness , exercise, strengthen the back muscles – choose your own taste.

2. Passive prevention

• Remember that the maximum load on the spine has a seated position. At 10%, it is reduced if the person is standing. In the prone position the load is minimal.

• Keep your posture, eliminate sharp movements, limit time in forced (uncomfortable) position flexion (work in the garden, laundry, sitting at the table). If you have a sedentary job, change your position every hour, get up, move your arms and legs, stretch, leaning backward.

• Do not climb sharply out of bed, do not lie on your back for a long time with a sharply bent his head on a high pillow.

• Avoid heavy lifting, especially jerk or at arm’s length. When lifting cargo bend legs, not your back. Do not carry a weight in one hand.

3. Active prevention

• All types of massage (self-massage hands massage with roller massager, professional massage).

• Special exercises. Morning start with a foot massage. The more annoying foot (rub, walk), the better general condition, including the spine. You can massage your foot with your hands or with special devices.

Exercises for the spine:

Sitting or standing, make a circular motion head bent head, bring the chin as his chest, then slowly and smoothly to describe a circle head, repeating several times.

During the day, check the condition of the spine: reduce blade strongly – began to yawn, the spine is overloaded. Massage your hands, fingers, clenched his fists. Reduces and spreads the scapula. Walk on their toes, heels.

Move the evening on all four forward, back. On all fours, cave (head up, stomach tends to the floor), then Bend back up. With position on all fours, stand with knees, leaning on his hands and toes (triangle pose), walk in that position.

This minimum set, but running every day, would support the spine and prevent the development and exacerbation of osteochondrosis . When the pain in the back, of course, must go to the doctor.

4. Home remedies for back pain:

• Warm baths: coniferous, salt – normalize blood circulation.

• Bath with a decoction of the rhizomes of calamus – provides distraction, pain, stimulates blood circulation. 200g roots pour 3 liters of water. Bring to a boil, brew, pour into the tub.

• Active stretching (stretching) are used as prevention, removal of fatigue and back pain.

Let’s face it, not many of us care about their health. But we know that our health is only 20% dependent on the medicine. To a much greater extent, it depends on us! So let’s take care of your body. You do not need much time. Need only a desire to be healthy.


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