How to fight cellulite?

Cellulite is it – a disease or defect?

The people cellulite is called “orange peel effect.” But experts describe it differently. This particular change in the fat cells in a woman due to the structure of the female subcutaneous – fat. It leads to the disruption of blood circulation. Cellulite is not a separate disease. According to the theory – it is only a cosmetic flaw. But to fix it, apply a variety of medical procedures that are licensed medical.

Cellulite – is disharmony in the internal environment. To treat it must put in order the work of all systems and organs.

In healthy subcutaneous fat – fat cells get the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Through the cell membrane derived cells and waste products are carried away by the blood. Violation of this process leads to cellulite. Due to oxygen starvation is a rapid growth of connective tissue. It surrounds the fat cell membrane and form cellulite nodules.

There are several stages in the development of cellulite:

1. In the first stage it is virtually invisible. But if you build a skin fold, you will see the “orange peel”. This indicates that you have retained fluid and cellulite will continue to develop.

2. In the second stage cellulite is visible. If no action is taken, it will progress.

3. In the third stage the skin like a quilted mattress.

4. In the fourth stage with pronounced tuberosity. And sometimes it is visible even through clothing. And now the problem of cosmetic cellulite become a medical.

As for health, cellulite – it’s not just a problem of adipose tissue, but also the first sign of the complex problems in the female body. Therefore pay more attention to nutrition, exercise and get rid of bad habits.

Today there are many methods to get rid of cellulite:

These include special diets, metabolism. Your menu should be fruits and vegetables in large quantities, as well as physical exercise. You can go swimming, jogging, rhythmic gymnastics. Sport helps normalize digestion, reduces body fat, improves blood circulation.

In cosmetology has its own methods of treatment. For example, anti-cellulite massage. It is made using special gels, creams that contain vitamins and minerals that will improve subcutaneous – fat, make the skin more elastic. In modern medical centers to combat cellulite massage treatments are used – Pressure therapy. Using a special suit to the body supplied with compressed vohduh and massages the problem areas. In St. Petersburg, you can see what the price pressure therapy and compared with other treatments.

Also use a variety of wraps. Combined with massage achieved the best effect. At home, you can make yourself a massage, using honey and apply a douche for problem areas. This helps to normalize blood circulation. Combine all the ways to fight cellulite in order to achieve a good result.

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