How to choose products without nitrates

nitratyModern housewives are increasingly paying attention to this point, as the ecological purity of food. In developed countries, the naturalness of the goods can be easily determined by looking at the package, which contains all the necessary information. Domestic realities, unfortunately, preclude such a simple way to solve this problem.

Many of our producers are not shy to exhibit higher prices for “natural” items, and thus easy to offer customers products that contain nitrates. But people who believed the advertising is not simply overcharged – he, for the money, harming at least one organism.

As is well known, environmentally friendly can be considered only products grown on natural fertilizers and do not contain harmful chemicals. If they are treated, then only by special technology without impacting negatively on their natural properties. In the context of shop or market practically impossible to determine whether a product is genetically modified. But you can always check it for the presence of harmful substances by the wonderful electronic device called nitrate. This compact device fits easily even in your pocket, so no problems to carry it to the object. After a brief analysis of the unit will display a message confirming (or vice versa, refuting) above normal maximum permissible concentration. If the test is positive, from the purchase of course better to abstain.

Especially often nitrate “indignant” in cases with early fruit, berries and vegetables. In order to quickly “please” urban residents “natural” product, and accordingly their pocket money makers often accelerate the ripening period through chemistry. Sometimes the amount of nitrates in the product is so great that consumers cases of serious food poisoning (such laxative ability can “boast”, for example, the early watermelons).

If nitrate is absent at hand, and buy fruits or vegetables still need to, do not mess with too beautiful fruits. The ideal view generally indicates not quite natural origin. Natural fruit usually do not look as impressive (by the way, one hundred percent of the evidence is the existence of wormholes), but the main thing is not it. For food is more important internal content.


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