How to avoid the harmful effects of the sun during pregnancy?

Summer days – it is sunny mood, relaxation, gentle and friendly atmosphere. Slowly stretching winter evenings we nostalgically recall the serene hot summer, always full of remarkable events, but first spring look forward to the arrival of the heat.

However, pregnancy can significantly affect the plans of summer pastime, because this season requires maximum caution by women who are pregnant.

Excessive exposure to the sun can result in a pregnant woman near trouble.

Hormonal changes in women in this position provoked the appearance of pigmentation, and the bright rays of the sun contribute to the problem and can lead to significant chloasma (brown spots) across the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light.

Lightheadedness while sunbathing fraught appearance of varicose veins, burns and more serious diseases. For too long exposure to the sun also threatens the health of the baby, as the increase in the temperature leads to the risk of brain damage, problems with the formation of bladder and bowel, and even abortion.

However, the sun – an excellent source of both positive mood and well-being, but also an indispensable vitamin D. The desire to avoid full exposure to the sun, at least, unwise. Compliance with simple recommendations will protect pregnant women against potential complications.

1) In direct sunlight and can contain up to 10 am and from 5:00 pm. In active solar clock woman bears a child, you should try to stay in the shade.

2) To provide a level of protection of the skin can special cosmetics for pregnant women with a high SPF-factor. Sunscreen should be applied at least fifteen minutes before leaving the room and repeat the procedure applied every two hours. Need to be concerned about the health of the eyes, and find quality sunglasses with UV protection.

3) In the hot days to drink plenty of plain water, and eliminate from the diet of fatty, sugary, spicy food.

4) In the summer wardrobe future moms should be a dress made of natural materials, preferably light colored, comfortable shoes at low load and light cap.

Gynecologists are not recommended during pregnancy and the solarium tanning. In addition, experts prohibit pregnant women go on holiday in hot countries, such as an abrupt change in climate could adversely affect their health.



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