Healthy sleep – the guarantee of wellbeing

zdoroviy-sonPhysicians have long proven that healthy sleep – a pledge of wellbeing. But how to achieve that normally fall asleep every night without tossing and turning for hours in bed, and wake up fully rested?

Lack of sleep – it is a pressing problem, which leads to the fact that the body accumulates fatigue. Physicians estimated that the average person sleep two to three hours, and, sooner or later, the body begins to “rebel” by requiring him to make up the required limit of stay. If it does not, start health problems, depression.

To make your sleep more comfortable, you need to follow a few rules.

Remember, in the bedroom is not the place stereos, televisions and computers, it is a place where you relax and devices modern man is quite enough, and in the afternoon. Plus, these devices are quite harmful sources of electromagnetic radiation.

It should be remembered, the bed – a “sacred place”, designed exclusively for relaxation and blissful immersion in the realm of sleep. Therefore, it is not enough to buy a set of bed linen to make it a “haven for tired body”, and the need to treat it accordingly.

Better to arrange it so that her pillow was drawn to the north, it is in this direction are the magnetic fluxes of the earth, as a result, a person lowers blood pressure, and he plunges into a deep sleep. It has unacceptable and work, especially on the computer. In no case do not start quarreling, lying in bed, you will attract negative energy into the bedroom.

During sleep, you should be comfortable. Although some people like to sleep so that the body “swim” in a soft mattress, it is quite harmful for the spine, so buy more solid, with orthopedic properties. On the box you should be spacious, which is especially important if you sleep alone.

Get used to sleep on a low pillow – high and tightly packed feathers – it can cause the development of osteoarthritis and chronic headache. Bed linens should be only from natural materials, and blanket purchase in the online store has the best light and natural filler.

Studies have shown that help insomnia aquariums installed in a bedroom. The murmur of water, plants, colorful fish – all perfectly relaxes, calms the nervous system, promotes sleep.


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