Measures to prevent pollution of the marine environment by ships have been in place for many years now and are continually being reviewed and updated as necessary. This training package provides a general introduction to the subject and stresses the need for seafarers to take a pro-active approach to minimising any pollution that comes from their ship. The MARPOL Convention, with its six Annexes, provides the key regulations that must be observed by all on board. The package looks mainly at the measures for preventing oil pollution, covered in Annex I, and those for the control of garbage, which are detailed in Annex V. The need for comprehensive crew training to ensure compliance with the regulations is also addressed. Regulations Addressed STCW: Table A-VI/1-4 Target Audience All those working aboard ship Main Topics * The need to avoid pollution * Measures to prevent oil pollution * Garbage management * The importance of the MARPOL Convention
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