Wooden houses – eco-friendly and cost-effective?

Fascinated with concrete, brick and metal for centuries, people gradually returning to basics, understanding how environmental and safety are natural materials. Only one with nature can achieve harmony, to achieve longevity and maintain health.

Wood – an ancient building material that has proven its practicality and affordability. In the 21 th century has been removed its main drawback – susceptibility to degradation, and to solve problems using the new technology of drying and processing.

Various designs of wooden houses can choose the best option for you and your family.

Advantages of wooden houses

Planning a large-scale construction, the customer is faced with a difficult choice of technology. Need to weigh all the “pros” and “cons” to avoid mistakes and achieve their goals by 100 percent.

For the erection of wooden buildings use CYLINDRICAL, shaped, dried and laminated board, and each technology has similar advantages:

  • Availability. Price cottage or villa on the basis of wood really small. Materials and work will cost several times cheaper houses of brick and foam blocks. Savings are achieved by eliminating and exterior decoration, as further decorate the tree does not need to.
  • The speed of construction. Houses made ​​of beams are created in the factory, and the object is to finish assembly, installation of doors and windows, installation of the roof. All it takes much less time than laying block materials. In this case, you can work in any weather: adhesives used in minimal amounts.
  • Environmental friendliness. For the construction of cottages used materials are safe for humans and the environment. They do not emit toxic substances into the atmosphere, and do not poison the soil. And in 50 or 100 years from the tree does not cause heart disease or lung disease, can not be said, for example, the concrete panels.
  • Lightweight. All facilities – extremely light for its size, so give low shrinkage and do not require heavy foundations. Savings of several tens of thousand – depending on the project.
  • Impeccable planning. The most advanced projects are designed by professionals, home truly comfortable life and take into account all the needs of man.

How is a project of a wooden house?

Many people are interested in the question of how much will cost the realization of the dream. You will be surprised: the cost of his own cottage – at the one-room apartment on the outskirts of cities.

Price consists of several components:

– Foundation (cost depends on the size of building);

– Project of the house (at the order of the object is available free of charge);

– Kit to build a house and its finish (worth 500 thousand to 2.1 million).

The project wooden house includes everything you need to implement the work. This layout structures, binding outlets and light fixtures, plumbing, manual assembly kit, roof options, and more. It’s designed in such a way that the installers did not have any issues during the construction of buildings.

Thus, the construction of houses on the basis of timber – a great alternative to traditional methods. It apart from its counterparts terms of implementation of the project and its cost and aesthetics.

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