Renewable resources

Though water and biological living resources are considered renewable. They are in fact renewable only within certain limits. They are linked to natural cycles such as the water cycle.

• Fresh water (even after being used) is evaporated by the sun’s energy, forms water vapour and is reformed in clouds and falls to earth as rain. However, water sources can be overused or wasted to such an extent that they locally run dry. Water sources can be so heavily polluted by sewage and toxic substances that it becomes impossible to use the water.
• Forests, once destroyed take thousands of years to regrow into fully developed natural ecosystems with their full complement of species. Forests thus can be said to behave like non-renewable resources if overused.
• Fish are today being over-harvested until the catch has become a fraction of the original resource and the fish are incapable of breeding successfully to replenish the population.
• The output of agricultural land if mismanaged drops drastically.
• When the population of a species of plant or animal is reduced by human activities, until it cannot reproduce fast enough to  maintain a viable number, the species becomes extinct.
• Many species are probably becoming extinct without us even knowing, and other linked species are affected by their loss.

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