New flying wind turbines

theres-now-a-flying-wind-turbine-that-doubles-as-a-wifi-hotspotKnown company Google is going to launch next year a pilot project to test the flying windmills. Testing of such eco-friendly devices will be produced on one of the Hawaiian Islands. To do this, the top manager of Google X has visited the island and met with local businesses and residents of the United States.

One might add that before about these flying wind turbines commented one executive offices of Google in the UK. Experts believe that the new developments in this area will help to reduce the cost of electricity and reduce the demand for land to be used for placement of terrestrial eco-friendly power plants.

It is important to note that the draft of such a flying wind turbine developed by Makani Power Company and recently received funding from Google. According to experts, the launch power plants that are not on the surface of the earth, and in the air is a bit like flying kites.

The use of wind turbines may reduce the cost of power generation. Thus, due to the fact that at an altitude winds blowing with greater force can be produced more energy. According to preliminary calculations, such air, wind turbines can be 2 times more effective than terrestrial wind farms.

It may be noted that this new project to develop green energy and have significant disadvantages, which include the risk of lightning in a turbine, and the risk of damage by strong winds. While in a wind turbine lightning falls, it may malfunction. As strong winds, they can blame the flying windmill in a tailspin and cause that this wind turbine is broken with a sharp drop on the surface of the Earth.

Perhaps, if the testing is successful, these new flying wind turbines can be used not only in the US but also in France. According to the published plans, the authorities of the European countries in the future will decrease the proportion of nuclear power in the energy mix in France by increasing the share of energy from renewable sources.

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