Playgrounds and trampolines for a good rest in the summer

Modern parents every day to fully appreciate all of the negative consequences of technological progress, because the children refuse to walk outside, preferring to spend his time at the computer monitor. As a result – a weakened immune system in a child , weak muscle activity, sleep disturbance, and other “joys” of sedentary living. Closer to nature – away from the disease! To encourage their “child” to break away from computer games, parents go to any trick: buy trampolines , organize trips to the country, buy velomobiles and scooters. And, in practice, it works! To “pull out” of the child for a walk, we must make sure that he was out there wondering.

A win-win situation in this case are properly organized playgrounds. Currently, there are several leading companies supplying these products. They all have their advantages and serve a good purpose: to encourage children to outdoor activities in the fresh air. Types of sites, what are the playgrounds are the most popular at the moment? Not to be mistaken with a choice, you need to know the characteristics of each of them.

Children’s Village Samson – lets the site, both for home and outdoor options. This game module economy class on domestic producers, it has only the basic elements of a play, shop for it, slide and swings. This grade does not include trampolines, or any other more complex playgrounds. This town wins on price, but lost in the variety of modules.

Town Jungle Gym – A more complex version of the playground. This manufacturer will try to accommodate all the needs of young researchers. Jungle Gym released as modules for the little ones (Jungle Gym Hut), and complex multi-level children’s playgrounds. And this Dutch firm offers an unusual solution to give – a wooden play house. Who has not dreamed of such a child? Jungle Gym Playhouse complex is a true tale of a wooden chamber’s, which is so fun to play!

• Complex Rainbow – areas with a high level that they have a wide range of modules. The main advantage of these sites is that the creators have provided entertainment for all ages of children. Very popular children’s trampolines for children. They are protected by a special net that allows kids to jump as much as necessary, without fear of falling.

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