“Green Office” – the correct arrangement of the workspace

Environmental safety and education are not new, but access to them – the key to success. After all, this is what surrounds us, and manifests itself felt in the life of one individual person and of society as a whole.

Ecological outlook in terms of importance in human life can be displayed on a single level with the scientific and philosophical teachings.

To help address important environmental objectives and to join the society occupied the protection of the environment can each person or business organization as a whole. Surround yourself with useful products is very simple.

The company “Basis” offers modern solutions for the arrangement office where everything is designed to conserve the planet’s resources and protect the environment. All eco-friendly products are not only natural, but also aesthetically beautiful.

What made daily use in the office, of course, can help to improve the environmental situation in the country.

Eco office today to create very real. The principles of such programs are based on complex measures. This is a motivational education – activities and technical equipment of the room. Adherence to these principles allows the company to develop an internal environmental policy. Each employee will learn daily saving of resources office.

In Russia launched several projects “Green Office”, “Living Office», «Green Up» and the number of companies wanting to connect to them is growing every year.

The most simple measures that can be used in offices, available every company, even the smallest.

The most popular methods of everything eco-office:

– Replacement of plastic products in the office on environmental felt;

– The use of representative products from natural materials, eco gifts (business accessories, cases, covers, gift wrap, bags, bags);

– Supply of employees with stationery made from natural and high-quality materials such as bamboo. This material differs little expensive processing, where there is a fast natural recycling.

A company committed to protecting the environment, by all means, report it through corporate gifts and souvenirs.

The original set of stationery underlined the status of the company, will demonstrate the active participation of every employee in the preservation of the ecological situation of the country.

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