Global Warming – Fact or Fiction?

Some people who have studied global issues would say there was no such thing as global warming and it is all a big hoax. However, others disagree and believe that since the industrial revolution, we are having a negative affect on our environment.

The best place to start is to look at what we have already been led to believe.

The Greenhouse effect is the relationship between the earth and the sun. The sun provides the earth with the heat and energy it needs and the earth releases back that energy into space.

The greenhouse effect comes into play as the gases in the earth trap that energy so that it cannot be released back into space therefore, warming the earths environment.

The greenhouse effect is a natural process and vital to our survival, without it, the earth would be cold.

Gases such as Methane, Carbon dioxide and water vapour all trap energy from the sun and enable the warming of the earth.

It is commonly known that plants provide Carbon dioxide (C02), but not so commonly known that plants also remove carbon dioxide.

This is because, when a plant dies and is buried into the earth, these plants become fossil fuel which is coal and oil.

When coal and oil is burned, this then removes the carbon dioxide from the air around it.

200 years ago, before machinery was invented and cars filled our streets, global warming wasn’t an issue.

The natural gases which came from the earth would trap energy to warm the earth, however, since the industrial revolution, more gases are being produced, which means more energy is trapped and result is global warming.

Activists and researches cannot agree as to whether or not humans are causing global warming, but I think we can all agree that when something unnatural occurs, it affects the natural.

If we are producing more gases than what is known as natural, then you would expect that this would have an affect on our environment, but whether or not this affect is causing global warming, well, we will have to leave that down to the scientists.

It is said that in the last century the earth has warmed by 1%, although this is not a massive amount, it still could be an unnatural 1% which would have an effect on the earth’s climate.

The truth of the matter is, the earth works in a certain way that even the best scientists in the world cannot fathom it. We can never assume we know it all just as we cannot 100% rely on what we already believe we know as there could be many unknown factors that have not been taken into account.

It is natural to believe that we are having some kind of affect on our environment in comparison to 200 years ago, but is the cause of global warming? I guess we couldn’t say either way, but what we do know is that we need to keep it in mind and do what we can to help our environment.

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