Give “green” cleaning!

Every day we use household cleaning products and do not think about the dangers of the funds that are buying a carpet cleaner, bathtubs, sinks and toilets.

And do not try to make a “green” cleaning, especially now that it is – the most fashionable thing.

First determine what kind of cleaning materials can be replaced by more environmentally friendly. For example if you need a carpet cleaning or strong dish soap?

My windows, mirrors, crystal

Glass cleaner is easy to replace. For this, we need water, soda, ammonia, and ultramarine blue.

So, here are a few recipes:

  • If you have wood windows, washing frames use regular soap. In warm water nastrogal little soap, dissolve it and wipe the frame with a soft sponge or cloth. After carefully wipe that paint is faded.
  • The windows are well washed with a mixture of 100 glycerol, 30 ml of water and a few drops of ammonia. As a result, the glass will be clean for longer, and in the winter they are not formed ice.
  • Look at hardware stores, dry ultramarine blue. May there always be at hand. Take some blueprints on a cotton cloth and rub the glass, they will shine a fresh blue.
  • Fine crystal tableware updated mixture of starch with ultramarine blue. Should be wiped with a crystal bowl with a pinch of woolen cloth-mix. It is especially suitable for the Collector agent crystal, which fades from chemicals.

Clean carpets and soft furnishings

Of course, at each facility for carpets is written that it can be applied in everyday life. But now that people often suffer from allergies, should think twice before scoring pile carpet chemical agent and then breathe these fumes.

Even our grandmothers knew that grease stain from carpet can be removed with salt, and clean carpets wrung tea brewing. After cleaning, all set to a vacuum cleaner. If you do everything right, do not need dry cleaning carpets .

Recipes from Grandma piggy bank:

  • Freshen up the upholstery on soft furniture will help clothes brush, which is wound a cloth soaked in a solution – one teaspoon of salt per gallon of water.
  • Especially jammed space on armrests can handle gasoline soaked breadcrumbs. Gasoline quickly fade if, after cleaning the windows open.

Clean fur

Though promote humane treatment of animals, our ladies will still continue to wear fur. As a result, formation of fatty socks worn effect on the sleeves and on the edge of cap. Wipe fur clean cloth soaked in gasoline. And strongly polluted places wipe against the nap, not heavily polluted – by Worth.

Try to brush up on their own fur coat. To do this, sift wheat bran, heated them in the microwave and handle fur, filling in the areas of mechanics in small portions and then wiping his hand. Thus treated one piece coat, go to the next. To fur glistened like new, wipe his pile with a cotton swab moistened with acetic vinegar. Just do not forget to use gloves.

Nothing unusual in ecological cleaning. All recipes are smoothly and time-tested. The result – a clean house is shining, all things in order, and you breathe clean air without contaminants.

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