Not so easy to build a house

houseAs the theater begins with a hanger, and the house begins … No, not with the foundation, and not even with the project, and to conduct time-consuming, specific and very diverse range of works, designed to generate not just the overall concept of building the future of the object, and as clearly outline the range of tasks , to determine the arsenal of available resources and to develop a detailed algorithm to achieve the ultimate goal.

This, of course, talking about engineering and meteorological research , without which it is simply unthinkable to beginning any construction project. These works – not someone’s whim or some bureaucratic formalities. The result of research should be exhaustive information concerning the following:

Composition, properties and condition of the soil of a particular plot of land
Hydrological state of the soil and forecast possible changes during construction and installation work
Depth to groundwater, soil mobility analysis, detection of hidden voids
Detailed localization of existing underground engineering communications and the ability to create new networks
Binding of the planned facility to real plans, surveying, cadastral works
A study of the samples of soil and water for chemical and biological activity. Monitoring of environmental conditions in a particular local land at each stage of construction of the object

Typically, geodetic surveys , and pursue so-called “collateral purpose.” They help to determine the feasibility of drilling boreholes or wells, equipment, gasification of the land route individual communications networks or branches. In addition, the research results can be successfully applied in the planning of landscape design of land. They will give detailed information about where you can dig a pond, put the drainage system, a garden of stones and so on.

In addition, the professional conduct of the exploration process can significantly save money. Foundation construction will not be subject subsidence, cracking and distortions that naturally prolong his conscientious service. So, the walls of the structure will not experience unnecessary, unrecorded in the project loads. Consequently, the roof of the building so as not to be subjected to deformation or premature failure. Building a house – a complex and fairly expensive process, detail it does not happen. So save on the initial and main stage – so initially find themselves at unnecessary costs!

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