Energy conservation. Save the blue planet

The twentieth century – the century of great industrial growth. For a hundred years, science and technology to make a great leap forward. Mankind has made a fantastic discovery: penetrated the secrets of genetic engineering, has opened the way to space, subjected the energy of the atom. Technocratic society sought strides forward with the motto “Further, higher, faster.”

Thanks to technology today, each apartment has a computer connected to the Internet, video call on Skype has become commonplace, every family has a car, and perhaps not one, but on a plane to get to anywhere.

And of course, all these benefits of civilization require huge amount of energy, incredible usage you mercilessly drain bowels of our Earth.

This century is the century of struggle for the health of the planet. Organization Greenpeace (Green World) for over forty years, encourages people to remember that resources are very limited, and the world is fragile.

In the this century the term “greenhouse effect” and “global warming.” Despite the fact that some scientists have long been sounding the alarm, only in recent years, industrial companies have to pay attention to ecology and conservation. It is difficult to say what is the reason – the desire to preserve our “green world”, “blue planet” or a planned increase in prices for hydrocarbons, but, somehow, knowing the need to shift to energy-saving technology is growing every year. Increased interest in alternative energy sources , construction of new energy efficient homes, manufacturing electric , etc.

Measures to reduce energy consumption in the society

An example is the emergence of companies doing very new activity – energy audit companies. After a detailed and complete analysis of the company, such a company is an individual program of energy efficiency, a set of measures that will help to significantly reduce the energy costs of production.

The main attention is paid to the implementation of measures to reduce the consumption of electrical energy. One example is the use of soft starters that reduce the power loss when running machines with powerful motors, while extending life of these devices.

The next set of measures dedicated to optimization of heating systems. An example is the use of underfloor heating large rooms with high ceilings, which disproportionately efficient compared to traditional radiator systems. The use of such a system requires a high initial installation costs, but lets start saving heat from the first days of use, also has a low payback period.

Optimization of ventilation and air-conditioning. One way to save energy – the installation of air heat recovery systems to make use of the heat coming from the exhaust air to heat the incoming flow from the outside.

Wear and tear, low efficiency units – another important source of energy waste at the plant. Timely repair, maintenance and replacement of old equipment with new is also an important step in creating a truly modern and energy-efficient production.

But the only solution to all these problems in the complex will achieve significant results.

Currently, the development of energy-saving technologies th more supported at the highest levels of government. Made grants to companies and institutions, carrying out research in this area. The world community is increasingly listening to the “green” and the demand for environmental vehicles and energy efficient homes on the rise.

And this gives us hope that our children, endearing way in space to be visible all the same beautiful picture, which opened to Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong – my own, and, still, the blue planet Earth.

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