Top Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 10 Exams

Class 10 exams are one of the most crucial exams as it defines the initial career path that a student wishes to pursue. The marks obtained in class 10 exam are not only important to get admissions in the desired school and stream but are also used as a shortlisting criterion by different institutes (like IIMs) later.

To score excellent marks in the CBSE class 10 exams, students need to be focused and prepared for all the subjects efficiently. Here, some of the most important preparation tips are provided to help the class 10 students prepare more effectively for the board exams.

  • Know the Syllabus and Pattern

Students are required to know the proper CBSE class 10 syllabus and are suggested to check the blueprint of the paper beforehand. After knowing the syllabus and blueprint of the exam, creating a proper preparation plan becomes easy. Apart from getting acquainted with the syllabus and pattern, students should also be equipped with the class 9 materials for revision like NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Science or maths.

  • Follow a timetable

The timetable is one of the best ways by which students can prepare for the board exam in a disciplined manner. After understanding the Class 10 syllabus, students are suggested to create a timetable accordingly. All the topics should be included in the timetable and students are required to follow it strictly. Students are also advised to allocate time for revision and practising question papers in the timetable.

  • Practice

It is important to practice different variations of questions, especially for the science and maths subjects. By practising, the ability to tackle different question types increases. So, practice several sample papers and previous year CBSE question papers for class 10. Also, practice labelled diagrams and derivations thoroughly.

  • Revision

Students need to remember all the concepts in the class 10 chapter properly to be able to answer questions in the exam properly. So, it is important for the students to revise the syllabus topics periodically and be able to retain the concepts for longer.

These were a few tips that can help the class 10 students to prepare more effectively for their board exams. Students studying in class 9 should be thorough with all the topics as the concepts are used in class 10 also, especially for science and maths. CBSE students can always refer to NCERT Solutions For Class 9 or 10 to clear all their doubts and understand the fundamentals thoroughly.

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