Top 10 IIT JEE 2017 Exam Preparation Tips

The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE), a platform to gain entry into one of the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), is a tough nut to crack. Preparing for IIT-JEE is an uphill task for many aspirants. A number of students ponder day and night over how to prepare for JEE 2017. However, with an impeccable strategy, time management and meticulous study plans, one can achieve success in this exam. Here are some quick tips on how to prepare for IIT JEE 2017.

Advance preparation

A well laid study plan means half of the battle is won. Students can be at par with others if they plan and prepare well in advance. Students targeting JEE start preparing from Class 9 onwards.

Aspirants need to set a time goal to complete the syllabus and keep pressing forward to prepare for IIT JEE Advanced. Advance preparation also entails keeping a tab on important dates, exam syllabus and pattern of question paper as well as other key updates.

Practice is vital

Gaining an understanding and identifying strengths and weakness helps a lot in cracking IIT JEE.

Knowing your weak subjects/topics/areas can help students working on them by practising mock and previous years’ question papers.

Interest in the subjects

Students can get through this tough exam if his/her interest lies in it. One must have an interest in core subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics in order to pass JEE with flying colours.

If you are weak in any subject or topic then make sure to work upon it with regular practise and overcome the fear of failure.

Constant Revision and practice

Considering the vast syllabus for JEE Main and Advanced, one should start preparing well in advance. With each passing day one tend to forget the covered syllabus. That’s why it is important to always revise the subject in-between to avoid losing track.

Constant revision is mandatory for efficient preparation and effective results.

Concrete steps

Know exactly where you stand at regular intervals. Hunt for study material that can help you in preparation.
Proper guidance and mentoring

A mentor that has travelled the road taken by you can be a good advisor. Such people can help you in proper planning and guide you through. A good teacher can direct you the best way to study, which study material to read and tell the way you can cover the syllabus of exam. They will help you in planning and being organised in order to have an efficient study plan.

Time Management

The students should properly chalk out a study time table. Time management is a critical factor in preparation of any competitive exam and achieving success in it.


Students should keep their spirits high. They might feel at one point that they are not going to make it because of huge syllabus of JEE. With a strong will and determination they can sail through every difficulty. They must keep their calm and stay motivated during the preparation. They must keep negative thoughts at bay and do not let them ruin their confidence.

Stay updated

It is advisable to keep yourself updated about IIT JEE 2017 entrance examinations’ syllabus, important dates and other relevant information.

Students should keep a tab on updates about entrance exam. Peer discussion or a dialogue with seniors can also help.

Balance diet and recreation are MUST

A balanced lifestyle including ample rest and physical activity are part and parcel of exam preparation. One cannot learn everything in a day. No point of falling sick due to long study hours or strenuous study plan.

It is suggested by experts not to go overboard with studying, and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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