Tips to crack AIPMT 2014

You can’t get away with AIPMT with a chicken heart. We bet, you won’t. How many times have you planned a day and failed to stick to the schedule? The number would turn out to be far-fetched for the finger’s scope, right? Are you looking for an apt advice? We’ll make sure that you get it. Simply follow the simple chant ‘Plan & Study’ and you shall never be short of inspiration from us. Are you ready to raise the bars and stand out? If you think you have what it takes to be the coldblooded hero in the history of medical science? Then hop in and get your dose of inspiration while we prescribe you some of the life-changing advice to you!

 Redefine the optimist in YOU:

Yes, you have the spark and you know it. Don’t let it die. Just imagine all the good things that can happen to you once you’re in the coolest college of the B-town. If that doesn’t suffice your fear, ponder about the salary packages that you’d get once you’re one of the toppers. Just like we said, be positive and break all the barriers coming in your way. Don’t give it in to the fear because that can ruin your life big time.

Say hello to hassle-free work:

Are you the one who’ve revised each and everything yet fear exam? Do you black out in the middle of the exam? Are you cursing yourself for the same? Throw away your anticipation in the dump yard.  Given the scope of medical syllabus is endless, you have to be smart. In fact, very smart. Speaking of, theoretical questions won’t be much of a trouble and has tad bit of calculations. Having said that, you cannot afford to leave that part. To do well in chemistry, all you need to do is pay special attention to heat and thermodynamics. Never leave anything to luck or imagination. Be concise ad precise in what you read. Get in depth of each and every topic. Track down all the formulas and note it down somewhere. That makes for perfect. Quite literally.

Reserve time for each and every subject:

The crucial thing about competitive exams is that you just can’t leave any topic, let alone truncating it altogether. Prepare a flow chart of things. Things like topic that you’ve covered so far, the topics in the pipeline, so on and so forth. Once you get the hold of things, the world around you will hail and nothing short of excellence will happen to you.

Relax before the day of Exam:

It is very important that you keep yourself entertained before the day of exam. Kill your anticipation with the best inspirational movie and boost up your enigma. Or probably you can go on a shopping spree if that soothes your nervousness. Keep just the revision part for the end day. It makes no sense if you prepare everything and just blab out in exams. So take a break, we beseech you. Go, rock your exams this fall! Best luck.

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