Reproduction Growth & Development MCQs Dec 2017

1) Bartholins Glands in the female correspond to which glands in the male?
b) Inguinal gland
c) Rectal glands
d) Prostate gland

2) The actual genetic part of a sperm is its
a) Head
b) Middle piece
c) Acrosome
d) Tail

3) The acrosome is formed from
a) Golgi bodies
b) Mitochondria
c) Ribosomes
d) Centrioles

4) Archegoniate plants include
a) Algae, Fungi and Viruses
b) Algae, Lichens and Bryophytes
c) Algae, Lichens and Fungi
d) Bryophytes, Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms

5) A thick-walled spore meant for perennation is called a
a) Hypnospore
b) Akinete
c) Zoospore
d) Aplanospore

6) Fungal spores produced asexually at the tops or sides of hyphae are called
a) Chlamydospores
b) Conidia
c) Zoospores
d) Spores

7) Reproduction in Mucor takes place by
a) Anisogametes
b) Isogametes
c) Agametes
d) None of the above

8) How many ascospores are formed in an ascus of Aspergillus?
a) 16
b) 8
c) 4
d) 2

9) In Puccinia diploidisation occurs in the
a) Teleutospore
b) Aeciospore
c) Uredospore
d) Pycnospore

10) A well-developed archegonium with a neck consisting of 4-6 rows of neck cells characterises
a) Gymnosperms and Flowering plants
b) Bryophytes and Pteridophytes
c) Gymnosperms only
d) Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms

11) In which of the following is a dioecious gametophyte common?
a) Anthoceros
b) Riccia
c) Funaria
d) Marchantia

12) In Riccia the shape of the antheridium is
a) Oval
b) Spherical
c) Pear-shaped
d) Flask-shaped

13) The largest gametophyte is found in
a) Funaria
b) Selaginella
c) Pinus
d) Cycas

14) Pollination is best defined as the
a) Germination of pollen grains
b) Visiting of flowers by insects
c) Transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma
d) Growth of the pollen tube in the ovule

15) The Yucca flower is pollinated by
a) Butterfly
b) Pronuba moth
c) Honey bee
d) Bumble bee

16) Pollination which occurs in a closed flower is called
a) Cleistogamy
b) Allogamy
c) Protogyny
d) Dicliny

17) Pollination is characteristic of
a) Bryophytes
b) Fungi
c) Angiosperms
d) Pteridophytes

18) Pollination by snails is
a) Malacophily
b) Anemophily
c) Myrmecophily
d) Ornithophily

19) The chief pollinators of our agri-horticulture crops are
a) Bees
b) Moths
c) Beetles
d) Butterflies

20) When the pollen of a flower is transferred to the stigma of another flower of the same plant, the pollination is referred to as
a) Xenogamy
b) Geitonogamy
c) Autogamy
d) Allogamy

21) Anthesis is the
a) Opening of flower bud
b) Pollen mother cell undergoing meiosis
c) Dehiscence of the anthers
d) Stigma becoming receptive

22) Double fertilization is characteristic only of
a) Bryophytes
b) Pteridophytes
c) Gymnosperms
d) Angiosperms

23) The development of egg without fertilization is
a) Apomixis or Adventive embryony
b) Apocarpy or Polyembryony
c) Parthenocarpy
d) Parthenogenesis

24) Polyembryony commonly occurs in
a) Citrus
b) Turmeric
c) Tomato
d) Potato

25) When a diploid female plant is crossed with a tetraploid male, the ploidy of endosperm cells in the resulting seed is
a) Diploid
b) Triploid
c) Tetraploid
d) Pentaploid

26) The nuclei of the sperm and egg fuse as a result of
a) Base pair relation of DNA and RNA
b) Attraction of protoplasts of egg and sperm
c) Formation of hydrogen bonds
d) Mutual attraction caused by differences in electrical charges

27) When a pollen tube enters through the micropyle then the process is called
a) Chalazogamy
b) Pseudogamy
c) Porogamy
d) Mesogamy

28) When the hilum, chalaza and micropyle of an ovule lie in the same long axis, it is known as
a) Amphitropous
b) Anatropous
c) Orthotropous
d) Campylotropous

29) In angiosperms triple fusion is required for the formation of the
a) Seed coat
b) Fruit wall
c) Embryo
d) Endosperm

30) The edible part of a ripe mango is morphologically the
a) Epicarp
b) Mesocarp
c) Pericarp
d) Endocarp

31) A berry is a fruit which is
a) Fibrous and single-seeded
b) Fleshy and single-seeded
c) Fleshy and multi-seeded
d) Dry and multi-seeded

32) The oil reserves in groundnut is stored in the
a) Embryo
b) Underground tubers
c) Endosperm
d) Cotyledons

33) Which one of the following is an example of septifragal fruit?
a) Lady’s finger
b) Cotton
c) Poppy
d) Datura

34) The style and stigma of which plant are edible and used as food?
a) Corchorus
b) Crocus (Saffron)
c) Coffea arabica (Coffee)
d) Maize

35) Aril is the edible part of
a) Banana
b) Litchi
c) Mango
d) Apple

36) Which plant will lose its economic value if its fruits are produced by induced parthenocarpy?
a) Banana
b) Orange
c) Grape
d) Pomegranate

37) The method of selection in plants showing vegetative propagation is
a) Clonal selection
b) Pure line selection
c) Pedigree selection
d) Mass selection

38) In a crop improvement programme haploids are of great importance because they
a) Are useful in studies on meiosis
b) Require only about half the amount of chemical fertilizers as compared to diploids
c) Give homozygous lines following diploidization
d) Grow better under adverse conditions

39) Why are haploids better for studying breeding processes?
a) Dominant characters are expressed
b) Recessive characters are expressed
c) Incomplete dominant characters are expressed
d) None of the above

40) In which of the following three phases will an organism exhibit rapid growth?
a) Lag phase
b) Log phase
c) Stationary phase
d) All the above

41) The highest concentration of auxin is present in the
a) Root apex
b) Stem apex
c) Internodes
d) Petiole and leaves

42) Which of the following exhibits a non-polar movement?
a) Gibberellin
b) Auxin and cytokinin
c) ABA
d) Auxin

43) Under adverse environmental conditions plants develop stress hormone, which is
a) Ethylene
b) Aminopurine
c) 2, 4-D
d) Abscisic acid

44) The artificial ripening of bananas and other fleshy fruits is enhanced by a fruit ripening hormone which is: or
a) Sodium chloride
b) IAA and GA
c) Ethylene gas
d) Kinetin/Coumarins

45) The hormone concerned primarily with cell division is
a) GA3

b) IAA
c) Cytokinin
d) NAA

46) Cytokinins are known to
a) Inhibit cytoplasmic movement
b) Help in retention of chlorophyll
c) Influence water movement
d) Promote abscission layer formation

47) The leaves of a plant kept under conditions of prolonged darkness turn pale. This represents a phenomenon called
a) Etiolation
b) Chlorosis
c) Cytorrhisis
d) Paleolation

48) The chemical agent which has an important role in flowering is
a) Flurocarbon
b)  GA3

c) Florigen
d) Auxin

49) Gibberellins induce
a) Flowering
b) Production of hydrolyzing enzymes in the germinating seed
c) Cell divisions
d) Leaf senescence

50) Nastic movements differ from tropic movements in being
a) Controlled by chemicals
b) Controlled turgor pressure
c) Directional with respect to stimulus
d) Non-directional with respect to stimulus

51) Which of the following movements in plants is not related to changes in auxin levels?
a) Nyctinastic leaf movements
b) Movement of roots towards soil
c) Movement of a sunflower tracking the direction of the sun
d) Movement of the shoot towards light

52) Phototropic and geotropic movements in plants have been traced to be linked with
a) Enzymes
b) Starch
c) Gibberellins
d) Auxins

53) When the tendrils of a stem climb about a solid object, it is known as
a) Phototropism
b) Thigmotropism
c) Geotropism
d) Chemotropism

54) Movement of Drosera is
a) Seismonastic
b) Thigmonastic
c) Thermonastic
d) Photonastic

55) Which of the following is a physiological movement?
a) Movement of fern annuals
b) Movement of moss peristome
c) Imbibitional movement of seeds
d) Streaming movement of cytoplasm

56) The bending of a plant organ towards the light is
a) Tropism
b) Trophic response
c) Turgor movement
d) Taxism

57) A horizontally placed stem exhibits apogeotropism due to
a) The accumulation of auxin on the lower side
b) The accumulation of auxin on the lower side
c) Cell enlargement of the upper side
d) Cell shrinkage on the lower side

58) Closure of leaflets or the movements in leaves of Mimosa pudica is a
a) Seismonastic or turgor movement
b) Photonastic movement
c) Thigmotactic movement
d) Nyctinastic movement

59) Opening and closing of flowers represents a kind of
a) Autonomic movement
b) Nutation
c) Tropic movement
d) Nastic movement

60) Which kind of response is more powerful for roots?
a) Geotropism
b) Heliotropism
c) Negative phototropism
d) Hydrotropism

61) To prevent over-ripening of bananas they
a) Should be kept in the refrigerator
b) Should be kept at room temperature
c) Should be treated with ascorbic acid
d) None of the above

62) The movement of auxin is largely
a) Basipetal
b) Acropetal
c) Both aeropetal and basipetal
d) Centripetal

63) An exicised leaf does not turn yellow if it is induced to root. This is attributed to the synthesis in root of
a) Ethylene
b) Cytokinins
c) Gibberellins
d) Auxins

64) Apples are generally wrapped in waxed paper to
a) Prevent sunlight from changing its colour
b) Prevent aerobic respiration by checking the entry of oxygen
c) Prevent ethylene formation that hastens ripening
d) Make the apples look costly

65) A clinostat is the apparatus used to
a) Measure the rate of growth in plant
b) Measure the quantity of auxin in plant
c) Measure the effect of light on plant
d) Eliminate the effect of gravity on plant

66) Shock movements of the leaves of the Sensitive Plant, Mimosa pudica, are
a) Thermonasty
b) Seismonasty
c) Hydrotropism
d) Chemonasty

67) Phototropic movements of root and stems are due to
a) Action of gravity
b) Effect of light
c) Differential hormonal effect
d) Epinasty and hyponasty

68) On touching , the leaves of Minosa pudica droop because of
a) Seismonasty
b) Nyctinasty
c) Chemonasty
d) Thigmotropism

69) Pneumatophores show
a) Positive geotropism
b) Negative geotropism (ageotropism)
c) Thigmotropism
d) Negative phototropism

70) Tropic movement is due to
a) Cell elongation
b) Cell division
c) Both A and B
d) Cell thickening

71) Gibberellin was first extracted from
a) Gibberella fujikuroi
b) Gelidium
c) Gracelaria
d) Aspergillus

72) Evergreen trees remain green throughout the year on account of
a) Absence of leaf fall
b) Leaves falling in small number at intervals
c) Supply of moisture throughout the year
d) Cold climate

73) When the dark period of short day plants is interrupted by a brief exposure of light the plant
a) Will not flower at all
b) Flowers immediately
c) Gives more flowers
d) Turns into a long day plant

74) Garner and Allard are related with
a) Photophosphorylation
b) Photoperiodism
c) Phtotropism
d) Photolysis

75) Plant material used in tissue culture is
a) Cycas revolute
b) Pinus roxburghii
c) Cocos nucifera
d) Borassus flabellifer

76) Mowing grass lawn facilitates better maintenance because
a) Wounding stimulates regeneration
b) Removal of apical dominance and stimulation of intercalary meristem
c) Removal of apical dominance
d) Removal of apical dominance and promotion of lateral meristem.

77) Abscission layer is formed when the concentration of
a) Auxin increases
b) Auxin decreases
c) Gibberellins decreases
d) Gibberellins increases

78) IAA precursor is
a) Tryptophan
b) Leucine
c) Tyrosine
d) Phenylalanine

79) Cell enlargement is due to
a) Florigen
b) Traumatin
c) Gibberellin
d) Auxin

80) Apical dominance is caused by
a) Abscissic acid in lateral bud
b) Cytokinin in leaf tip
c) Gibberellin in lateral buds
d) Auxin in shoot tip

81) A genetic dwarf plant can be made to grow taller by application of
a) Ethylene
b) Gibberellin
c) Auxin
d) Cytokinin

82) Kinetin is
a) Indolebutyric acid
b) Indole acetic acid
c) Butyric acid
d) 6-furfuryl amino purine

83) Agent orange is
a) Weedicide with dioxin
b) Chemical used in luminous paint
c) Biodegradable insecticide
d) Colour used in fluorescent lamp

84) Bakane disease of Rice is due to
a) NAA
b) 2, 4-D
c) IAA
d) GA

85) The movement of plant parts in response to touch is
a) Seismonasty
b) Thigmonasty
c) Nutation
d) None of the above

86) The hormone found in the liquid endosperm of Coconut is
a) Gibberellin
b) Auxin
c) Ethylene
d) Cytokinin

87) During drought, plants develop the hormone
a) Indole acetic acid
b) Naphthalene acetic acid
c) Indolebutyric acid
d) Abscisic acid

88) Which of the following is correct?
a) Albinism is genetic and etiolation is physiological
b) Etiolation is genetic and albinism is physiological
c) Etiolation is irreversible
d) Etiolation and albinism are synonyms

89) The types of plants that come to flower after exposure to short photoperiods followed by long photoperiods
a) Intermediate plants
b) Day neutral plants

90) Vernalisation occurs in response to
a) High light intensity
b) Low temperature
c) High temperature
d) Low light intensity

91) Antherozoids are attracted towards archegonia in a fern plant. The phenomenon is
a) Nyctinasty
b) Chemonasty
c) Thigmonasty
d) Seismonasty

92) The banana is seedless because
a) It reproducesasexually
b) It is sprayed with auxin
c) Both A and B
d) None of the above

93) Which statements are correct?
a – Cytokinins suppress the synthesis of chlorophyll
b – Auxins control apical dominance
c – Gibberellin promte shoot elongation
d – Abscisic acid enables seeds to withstand desiccation

a) a and b only
b) b and c only
c) a and c only
d) b, c and d only

94) Which flower shows nyctinastic movement?
a) Albizzia lebeek
b) Pentapetes
c) Mimosa pudica
d) Bryophyllum

95) Some plants harbour ants to save themselves from other animals. This is an example of
a) Anemophily
b) Entomophily
c) Myrmecophily
d) Hydrophily

96) The period between the formative phase and maturation phase of plant growth is the
a) Lag phase
b) Phase of elongation
c) Stationary phase
d) Grand period of growth

97) Apomixis means the development of a new plant
a) Without fusion of gametes
b) From fusion products of gametes
c) From stem cuttings
d) From root cuttings

98) Plants exactly similar to mother plants are obtained through
a) Seeds
b) Stem cuttings
c) Grafting
d) Both B and C

99) Which of the following can yield a completely haploid plant?
a) Root tip
b) Anther
c) Carpel
d) Stem apical meristem

100) A major use of embryo culture is in
a) Induction of somaclonal variations
b) Overcoming hybridisation barriers
c) Production of alkaloids
d) Clonal propagation


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