Reproduction & Development in Animals MCQs Part II

1) How many sperms and ova will be produced from 25 primary spermatocytes
and 25 primary oocytes respectively?

a) 100 sperms and 50 ova
b) 100 sperms and 25 ova
c) 50 sperms and 25 ova
d) 100 sperms and 100 ova

2) In the absence of pregnancy, the corpus luteum:
a) becomes active, secrete FSH and LH
b) degenerates after sometime
c) is maintained by progesterone
d) produces a lot of oxytocin and relaxin

3) 100 eggs and 100 sperms can be produced from …… and…. meiotic divisions

a) 100,100
b) 100, 25
c) 25, 25
d) 25, 100

4) Mammalian egg shows ……. cleavage
a) holoblastic equal
b) holoblastic unequal
c) meroblastic
d) superficial

5) Mass separation of cells in an embryo is called
a) emboly
b) epiboly
c) involution
d) delamination

6) This is referred to as "gestation"
a) period of pregnancy
b) spermatogenesis
c) fertilization
d) ovulation

7) Acrosomal reaction takes place at the time of
a) Fertilization
b) Movement of sperm
c) Excretion
d) Gastric digestion

8) The origin of the brain is
a) ectodermal
b) endodermal
c) mesodermal
d) ecto-mesodermal

9) The retina of the eye is developed from
a) ectoderm
b) mesoderm
c) endoderm
d) ectododerm

10) The middle piece of a mammalian sperm contains
a) nucleus
b) centrioles
c) mitochondria
d) vacuoles

11) One of these is not an ectodermal derivative:
a) The lens of eye
b) The dermis of skin
c) The nervous system
d) The epidermis of skin

12) In which of the following eggs is the yolk in the center and the cytoplasm in the peripheral layer?
a) isolecithal
b) microlecithal
c) centrolecithal
d) telolecithal

13) The ovary of a newborn female baby may contain
a) one or a few ova
b) one thousand to a few thousands
c) about ten thousand
d) 2.5-5,00,000 ova

14) Which activity occurs first during the development of an egg?
a) Induction
b) Differential growth
c) Polarity
d) Gastrulation

15) Metamorphosis of a tadpole is due to the hormone
a) oxytocin
b) progesterone
c) estrogen
d) thyroxin

16) When the pregnancy occurs in the ovary itself it is called
a) a tubal pregnancy
b) an ectopic pregnancy
c) an abdominal pregnancy
d) none of the above

17) In mammals the germinal cells in the male are formed from the
a) cortex of testis
b) medulla of testis
c) germinal epithelium
d) apical part of embryo

18) Immediately after ovulation, the mammalian egg is covered by a membrane known as the
a) chorion
b) zona pellucida
c) corona radiata
d) vitelline membrane

19) Prototherian mammals like the platypus are good examples for
a) parthenogenic type
b) ovo-viviparous type
c) oviparous type
d) viviparous type

20) How many days after ovulation is the fertilized ovum in human implanted in the uterus?
a) 1 day
b) 7 days
c) 10 days
d) 14 days

21) An example of a viviparous fish is
a) sucker fish
b) pipe fish
c) flying fish
d) scoliodon

22) In the frog embryo, the spreading of the layer of presumptive ectodermal cells on the underlaying mass of cell is called
a) epiboly
b) invagination
c) ingression
d) delamination

23) The adrenal medulla is derived from
a) ectoderm
b) mesoderm
c) both endoderm and endoderm
d) mesoderm or ectoderm

24) Relaxin is released from the
a) pituitary
b) ovary
c) testis
d) adrenals

25) Sperm penetration brings about the following changes in ova:
a) formation of 1 polar body
b) I meiosis
c) II meiosis
d) Formation of pronuclei

26) Which of the foetal membranes is directly connected with the maternal blood?
a) The allantois
b) The amnion
c) The chorion
d) The yolk sac

27) The cortex, medulla and membraneous labyrinth of vertebrates is formed

a) Ectoderm
b) Endoderm
c) Mesoderm
d) Endoderm and mesoderm

28) Eggs containing a large amount of yolk are called
a) microlecithal eggs
b) macrolecithal eggs
c) oligolecithal eggs
d) mesolecithal eggs

29) The structure which remains unchanged during metamorphosis of most vertebrates

a) the lung
b) The heart
c) The intestine
d) The nervous system

30) The preparation of the sperm before it can penetrate the ovum is called
a) coiitus
b) capacitation
c) insemination
d) spermiation

31) In man, at the time of sperm penetration, the ovum will be in
a) The primary oocyte stage
b) The secondary oocyte stage
c) Ootid stage
d) Functional ovum

32) In which of the following animals is parthenogenesis very common?
a) Rats
b) Hens
c) Aphids
d) Monkeys

33) The interauricular septum in the embryonic stages has a/an
a) fossa ovalis
b) fenestra ovalis
c) fenestra rotunda
d) interauricular aperture

34) Oxygenated blood flowing in the umbilical cord of the mammalian embryo is
a) 50% maternal and 50% foetal
b) 100% maternal
c) 100% foetal
d) 75% maternal and 25% foetal

35) The villi of human placenta arise from the
a) chorion
b) yolk sac
c) both chorion and allantois
d) allantois

36) From which embryonic structure does the vertebral column develop?
a) notochord
b) nerve cord
c) coelom
d) atrium

37) Which of these is an extra embryonic membrane?
b) Diencephaton
c) Allantois
d) Primitive streak

38) GIFT involves
a) the transfer of zygotes into the fallopian tube
b) the transfer of an embryo into the uterus
c) the transfer of a mixture of sperms and ova into the fallopian tube
d) the transfer of a mixture of sperm and ova into the uterus

39) In an oocyte secondary maturation occurs in the
a) ovary
b) abdominal cavity
c) fallopian tube
d) uterus

40) "Spermiogenesis" refers to
a) Spermatogenesis
b) Metamorphosis of spermatids into sperms
c) Phase of multiplication of spermato-genesis
d) Growth phase of spermatogenesis

41) If a
egg is coated with Plaster of Paris

a) it becomes unbreakable
b) it withstands environmental conditions more efficiently
c) the pores of its shell are closed and hence the young one is better protected
d) pores of its shell are closed and hence the young one dies of suffocation

42) Which of the following glands controls egg production and moulting
in insects?

a) Corpora allata
b) Corpora cardiaca
c) Corpus callosum
d) All of these

43) A late gastrula stage shows these primary germ layers
a) ectoderm and mesoderm
b) ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm
c) ectoderm
d) mesoderm

44) Ovulation is the process in which
a) the ovum is released from the ovary into the body cavity
b) the ovum is liberated from the fallopian tube
c) the sperm fuses with the ovum
d) all these together happen

45) Which of the following develop from ectoderm only?
a) Liver, muscles, brain
b) Liver, bones, brain
c) Liver, spinal cord, skin
d) Skin, spinal cord, brain

46) In the human zygote, the male sex is determined by the
a) mother getting good nutrition
b) father being stronger than the mother
c) required composition of chromosomes
d) strength of the male chromosome

47) During the development of embryo, which of the following occurs

a) Differentiation of tissue
b) Differentiation of cells
c) Differentiation of organ
d) Differentiation of organ system

48) Which part of the sperm plays a very important role in penetrating
the egg membrane?

a) allosome
b) acrosome
c) the tail
d) autosome

49) In an egg the type of cleavage is determined by
a) the shape and size of the sperm
b) the size and location of the nucleus
c) the amount and distribution of yolk
d) the number of egg membranes

50) Gametes formed by meiosis are called
a) Coenogametes
b) Meiogametes
c) Mitogametes
d) Pseudogametes

51) The human placenta is formed from the
a) amnion
b) yolk sac
c) allantois and chorion
d) none of the above

52) If the mouth develops from the blastopore, the organism is called a
a) deuterostome
b) protostome
c) blastostome
d) blastopore

53) Spawn is a cluster of
a) eggs
b) sperms
c) both of the above
d) none of the above

54) In the development of the human body, the ectoderm is responsible
for the formation of these:

a) kidneys, gonads, bones
b) lungs, liver, pancreas
c) feathers, blood, liver
d) nervous system, lens of the eye, sweat glands

55) The longest gestation period occurs in the
a) ostrich
b) elephant
c) lion
d) horse

56) Which one of the following serves as the embryonic urinary bladder?
a) Amnion
b) Chorion
c) Allantois
d) Yolk sac

57) In mammals the structure decidua basalis is a part of the
a) chorion
b) endometrium
c) chorion frondosum
d) pseudogametes

58) Fertilization is defined as the process by which
a) A diploid spermatozoan unites with a haploid ovum to form a triploid zygote
b) A diploid spermatozoan unites with a diploid ovum to form a diploid zygote
c) A haploid spermatozoan unites with a haploid ovum to form a haploid zygote
d) A haploid spermatozoan unites with a haploid ovum to from a diploid zygote

59) Eggs of birds are
a) alecithal
b) telolecithal
c) isolecithal
d) homolecithal

60) The eggs of reptiles and birds are
a) mesolecithal eggs
b) alecithal eggs
c) macrolecithal eggs
d) oligolecithal egg

61) Insect metamorphosis having larval stages is called
a) retrogressive metamorphosis
b) complete metamorphosis
c) incomplete metamorphosis
d) heteromorphosis

62) The extra embryonic membranes of the mammalian embryo are derived
from the

a) formative cells
b) follicle cells
c) inner cell mass
d) trophoblast

63) The initial step in the activation of the ovum during the process of
fertilization is

a) the penetration of the sperm into the egg
b) the fertilizing-antifertilizing reaction
c) the formation of the fertilization cone
d) the formation of the fertilization membrane

64) The phenomenon "ontogeny repeats phylogeny" is explained
by the

a) mutation theory
b) inheritance theory
c) recapitulation theory
d) natural selection theory

65) Due to the lower amount of iodine in water, the metamorphosis of the frog tadpole

a) accelerated
b) delayed
c) stopped
d) not affected

66) Arrhenotoky is a type of
a) parthenogenesis found in butterflies
b) parthenogenesis found in honey-bees
c) parthenogenesis found in every insect
d) parthenogenesis found in mosquitoes

67) In a mammalian sperm, the spirally arranged mitochondria around the
axial filament are present in the region of the

a) head piece
b) middle piece
c) principal piece of the tail
d) end piece of the tail

68) What is true about cleavage in the fertilized egg in humans?
a) it is meroblastic
b) it is identical to the normal mitosis
c) it starts while the egg is in the fallopian tube
d) it starts when the egg reaches uterus

69) A fully formed sperm cell of frog has a/an
a) nucleus
b) acrosome
c) pair of centrioles and a tail
d) all of these

70) The study of the formation, growth and development of a new individual
from an egg is known as

a) embryology
b) histology
c) cytology
d) genetics

71) Epiboly results in the formation of a ……..which will form the notochord
a) blastopore
b) chorda mesoderm
c) blastocoel
d) archenteron

72) A blastopore is found in the
a) zygote
b) gastrula
c) larva
d) adult

73) The lens of the frog’s eye develops from
a) ectoderm
b) endoderm
c) mesoderm
d) both b and c

74) The acrosome helps in fertilization as
a) it dissolves the jelly of the egg
b) it helps in digestion
c) it helps in respiration
d) it protects against the effect of U.V.

75) The skull develops from
a) ectoderm
b) mesoderm
c) endoderm
d) ecto and endoderm

76) The egg of man is
a) alecithal
b) mesolecithal
c) megalecithal
d) none of these

77) Antifertilizin is secreted by the
a) egg
b) sperm
c) zygote
d) placenta

78) Spermatogenesis is controlled by
a) FSH
b) LH
c) FSH and prolactin
d) Relaxin

79) The foetus is enclosed in a bag of liquid called the
a) amnion
b) ovule
c) chorion
d) none of these

80) The egg of a pigeon is
a) centrolecithal
b) telolecithal
c) macrolecithal
d) microlecithal

81) The gastrula of the frog is characterized by
a) the archenteron cavity
b) three germ layers
c) both a and b
d) none of above

82) Identical twins are produced when
a) one fertilized egg divides into 2 blastomeres and both develop separately
b) one sperm fertilizes two eggs
c) one egg is fertilized by two sperms
d) two eggs are fertilized

83) A viviparous snake is
a) cobra
b) krait
c) viper
d) rat snake

84) Which of the following is correct?
a) Mesoderm produces the brain
b) Ectoderm produces the liver
c) Mesoderm produces the skeleton
d) Endoderm produces the heart

85) Traces of which chemical slows the metamorphosis of a frog tadpole?

86) The gestation period is the duration between
a) ovulation and fertilization
b) maturation of egg and ovulation
c) fertilization and parturition
d) ovulation and parturition

87) Matamorphosis is controlled by the
a) corpus callosum
b) corpus albicans
c) corpus luteum
d) corpora allata

88) Eggs are generally large in size due to the presence

a) yolk
b) vitelline membrane
c) shell
d) plasma membrane

89) Which is the correct sequence?
a) Cleavage-morula-blastula-gastrula
b) Gastrula-neurula-blastula-gastrula
c) Morula-neurula-blastula-gastrula
d) Blastrula-gastrula-neurula-morula

90) The nervous system is
a) ectodermal
b) mesodermal
c) endodermal
d) none

91) Blood is derived from
a) ectoderm
b) endoderm
c) mesoderm
d) none of these

92) The structure which helps in the nutrition of the embryo in
placental mammals is the

a) yolk sac
b) amnion
c) crypts
d) placenta

93) Polar bodies are produced during
a) spermatogenesis
b) oogenesis
c) puberty
d) ovulation

94) The study of abnormal embryonic development is
a) Gerontology
b) Embryology
c) Teratology
d) None of the above

95) Viviparity is found in the
a) Earth worm
b) Rabbit
c) Frog
d) Pigeon

96) Which one is an oviparous animal?
a) Whale
b) Amoeba
c) Penguin
d) Bat

97) Egg-laying animals are known as
a) Sterile
b) Oviparous
c) Viviparous
d) Hermaphrodite

98) What is true about fertilization?
a) only one sperm enters an egg
b) only the acrosome of a sperm enters the egg
c) The entry of a sperm activates the egg to complete mitosis
d) two haploid nuclei fuse but the fusion nucleus divides immediately to form two haploid nuclei

99) Which chemical of the egg attracts and holds sperm?
a) Agglutinin
b) Antiagglutinin
c) Fertilizin
d) Antifertilizin

100) The first step in the activation of the ovum during the process of fertilization is the
a) formation of the fertilization cone
b) penetration of the sperm into the ovum
c) formation of the fertilization membrane
d) fertilizin-antifertilizin reaction


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